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Tennis 2021 Discussion Thread


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Looks like this is the one tourney this year in which Dimitrov remembered how to play tennis. He usually flops after a big win, but beating Hurkacz as well was surprising. Would be good enough to be keep him in the GS seeding range for a few months.

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19 hours ago, thepharoah said:


At least she would get wild cards for Doha and Dubai tournaments though. I'm sure it was difficult still but she got that at least.


Maria Sakkari got nothing. No wild cards ever. No one cared about her because she was from Greece, but she never gave up and everything she did was on her own. So much respect for both Sakkari and Jabeur for making it to the top 10 against all odds. 5 years ago they played against each other in Fed Cup Group III and now both are in the top 10! Congratulations to both!

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