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Judo 2021 Discussion Thread


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  • 3 weeks later...

The international competitions of the IJF have started again in a few weeks.

As expected, the results of the Canadian judoka are very weak !

In the world junior championships only Godbout, Ryder and Arencibia won a fight but lost their second fight 


Paris Grand Slam, only Kelly Deguchi placed 7th in the 52kg but Francois Gauthier Drapeau have very good fight vs Matthias Casse (2th in WRL), but a lot injury in this event, Gabun from Canada and kaja kajzer from Slovenia have same injury ... 

Baku Grand Slam will be the return to the competition of Sandy El Nahas, not other Judoka from Tokyo 2020 or A Team ...

I don't know about the GS in Abu Dhabi if Judo Canada will send a team, probably not. 

But I know that CBP will make its return to the Paris Grand Slam probably the same for Jessica Klimkait and rest of A Team.

C. Deguchi, I still have no news... in my opinion, it could be the same reflection as CBP, all will decide this year if she still has the motivation to continue until 2024.

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I'm really not a fan of the Canadian situation, and specifically of the Deguchi sisters...

They don't have anything Canadian, they have privileges that others don't even have the right to have .... and they don't participate in any Judo Canada training camp or any Canadian Elite 8 Championship...  I hope a change in coaching staff, because Sasha Mehmedovic is cleary biased ... he protect any time Christa Deguci  and he criticizes Klimkait, his stupid comments in 2014 at the Youth Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, same since last couple years ...

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