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Field Hockey 2021 Discussion Thread


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1 hour ago, intoronto said:

Wow in a complete shock, Argentina is eliminated in the group stage of the Women's Pan American Junior Championships. Argentina has won 7/8 editions of the tournament and was the defending World Champion, now won't even qualify for the tournament.

Not a total shock. This was a provincial team representing Argentina.


Here's what happened: both our men's and women's team travelled together on bus to Chile (yes, all inside a single tiny bus in covid time, stupid). When entering Chile one player of the men's team got a positive in a quick covid test and as a result, all players of both teams and their entire coaching staff were sent back to Argentina and quarantined. Therefore no one could play this championship because of a single positive! :hairpull: :wall:we had to make two new teams from scratch and send them without any training 2 days before the tournaments. The men apparently were decent enough to beat USA so far and look like they will qualify. The women, evidently, weren't good enough (yet they held their own pretty decently in both games given the circumstances).



It is really sad because especially our women's team was absurdly talented this time, we were sending one olympic medalist girl from Tokyo and several others from the last YOG but their dreams were completely crushed before they could even play a single game due to incompetence from our federation :cry:

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Australia and New Zealand withdraw from both junior world cups and pro league 2021/22.



Argentina already got the invitation as replacement team for junior women's world cup... so, everything back on track for us after so much bad luck.

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We'll have a mildly surprising semifinal in the men's junior WC with :FRA v :ARG 


Looks like France will be combining two great junior generations for 2024 (the other being the silver juniors from 2013, players who are around 28/29 now).


The other will be between the host :IND and :GER 


Unfortunately, the women's junior WC was postponed (and probably will be cancelled) because of covid. Our team is so unfortunate, again affected by pandemic circumstances just before a tournament (they were already flying to south africa when the announcement was made).

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