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Basketball 2021 Discussion Thread


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The tournament is scheduled for September of next year and the competition's arrival in Brazil is a partnership between the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB) and the sports marketing holding of the Brazilian and São Paulo soccer team player Daniel Alves, who has just won the gold medal with Brazil in Tokyo 2020.



Sport growth and Paris 2024


The arrival of AMERICUP to Brazil reinforces CBB's work for the Paris 2024 Olympic cycle, when basketball will seek qualification to return to the Games, and also for the sport's growth. The country has not hosted the Copa America since 1984, when it took the title over Puerto Rico, in São Paulo. The last achievement of the tournament came in 2009, just when Puerto Rico hosted the competition.


- Receiving AMERICUP in Brazil after so long, and with strong and traditional teams like Argentina, United States and Canada, is a unique opportunity. It's the chance to have high-level games, to move the sport and the fans in the country and also to reinforce our work in the Paris 2024 cycle, when we are going to look for the Olympic place again. Brazilian basketball has a winning history and we know our responsibility to rescue it - quoted the president of the CBB, Guy Peixoto Jr.


Partnership with Daniel Alves' company


Owner of the greatest number of titles in football history, player Daniel Alves has just won another trophy, now Olympic gold in Tokyo 2020 with the Brazilian team. But the right-back is also already working thinking about the post-career. Partner at the sports marketing company, Daniel is one of those responsible for bringing AMERICUP to Brazil alongside CBB and FIBA Americas.


Daniel will inaugurate in September, in Bahia, his social project, which will serve 2,000 children with football and basketball modalities. The basketball will even have a 3x3 court with capacity to receive events, with official floor and all FIBA technology.

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Just saw a post on social media about the insane score line of the :USA v. :CRC match the U16 Americas Women’s Championship and thought it was worth posting the score. The final score of that quarterfinal match was 121-12 in favor of :USA, that’s a margin of victory by 109 points :yikes:

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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