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Winter Olympic Games 2022 Early Qualification Predictions

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2 hours ago, intoronto said:

For Azerbaijan are you expecting a couple to qualify?

I highly doubt Cayman Islands will qualify. They have no current active skier (their athlete who qualified in 2018, retired before the games)

Are you expecting 2 sleds in the men's 2 men to qualify for Monaco?

I have a men's and women's single athlete qualifying for Azerbaijan.

Yeah, I was afraid that might happen in alpine (and cross-country) skiing. He's still listed as active on FIS which makes confirming status harder.

For Monaco I have one sled in 2-man and one sled in 4-man which gives four athletes since the driver is the same person.


1 hour ago, OlympicsFan said:

I hope that you are wrong for Germany, but I fear that your prediction won’t be far off.

It's about the same size as 2018 if you add in the women's ice hockey team.


Germany would also have the fourth largest team (behind US, Russia and Canada).

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