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Judo EJU European Championships 2020

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6 minutes ago, Monzanator said:

Hedvig Karakas wins gold? That's one name I thought has crossed the river already.


This Sterpu guy I hear might be the next best thing in European judo? :p

well, women's -57kg in Europe is not that strong at the also girls like Karakas and veterans like Monteiro can still win a continental Gold...


Sterpu is surely good, but I don't think he's anything special...actually, I think yesterday Shavdatuashvili heavily underestimated him before their gold medal fight after he beat Basile quite easily in the semis...


the real thing in European Judo is Grigalashvili...pure talent...I hope that poor Georgian management won't cut his career short nor limit his perspective...

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it looks that today we're going to see a lot of Russia in the men's finals...they have one guy in both the -90kg and the -100kg...and the superheavyweights class is gonna be an all-Russian affair...:yikes:


meanwhile among the girls, my 2 cents go on another French clean sweep...:whistle:

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today's medallists


women's -78kg

Gold: :FRA Madeleine Malonga

Silver: :GER Louise Malzahn

Bronze: :KOS Loriana Kuka & :CRO Karla Prodan


women's +78kg

Gold: :FRA Romane Dicko

Silver: :AZE Iryna Kindzerska

Bronze: :UKR Yelyzaveta Kalanina & :POR Rochele Nunes


men's -90kg

Gold: :RUS Maikhail Igolnikov

Silver: :SRB Nemanja Majdov

Bronze: :GEO Beka Gviniashvili & :AZE Mammadali Mehdiyev


men's -100kg

Gold: :ISR Peter Paltchik

Silver: :RUS Arman Adamian

Bronze: :POR Jorge Fonseca & :AZE Zelym Kotsoiev


men's +100kg

Gold: :RUS Tamerlan Bashaev

Silver: :RUS Inal Tasoev

Bronze: :GEO Levani Matiashvili & :GEO Guram Tushishvili

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so, Russia and France dominated the 3rd day of the European Championship, with Israel getting the only gold medal not going to the 2 powerhouses...


in the final medal table, France dominated the entire field with 5 Gold Medals, followed by Russia with 3...


6 more Countries (ITA, GEO, MDA, AZE, ISR, HUN) ended up with 1 Gold Medal each...


in total, 21 Nations out of the 40 that participated to the championship won at least a medal (no matter the colour)...




on the Italian side, we enjoyed our first Gold Medal since 2008 thanks to the great performance by Odette Giuffrida, but the rest of the team was very disappointing, with the only exceptions of Alice Bellandi and Giorgia Stangherlin, who got robbed of well deserved bronze medals by a clearly biased Hungarian ref, who should be thrown out of the Judo operations immediately...he was really the shame of the tournament (the 2 Italian girls weren't the only players to be heavily penalized by that idiot)...

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I’m very happy with our results the women’s team did not compete since of COVID 19 case of one of the athletes.

We are seriously close to ensure the participation of the Israeli team in Tokyo, Judo became very popular in the country due to the success(in our terms) over the years 

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