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Track Cycling UEC European Championships 2020

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Yep, it is. And Crista really deserved it, his attack was amazing!

Filippo Ganna is positive to covid-19 and will not compete in Bulgaria

France forfait

It seems like it's indeed true, 3rd and 4th position means you're out of the gold medal hunt, whereas 5th and 6th place (with 6th being a full 4 seconds behind the top-4) still have a theoretical shot for gold :rofl: 


This is just ridiculous. I mean, I've seen ridiculous things, but a last place - far, far, far away from the second-to-last place - giving you a better chance for gold than a 3rd place is high on the list. 

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This is stupid indeed. And now for example 1st team won't finish because of crash or something and 6th team has silver medal :lol:


If they don't want make normal competition like two fastest time in final, next two in bronze (but then 1 round wouldn't be necessary) then they should make format when winners of 1v4 and 2v3 are in final and two fastest time from the rest in bronze medal race.

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