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La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2020

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And back to someone else having a chance for their 100th GT stage win, since Bennett has been relegated due to pretending to be a battering ram and Ackermann wins it after all. 

For the leader of a youth classification, Enric Mas has a very worrying hairline.

Are you saying that the Eurosport Commentator is wrong?  No, obviously the timings are wrong! 

Often wonder if Basque political militants would get more international support if they didn’t write all their posters in Basque only


Lordy, blowing a gale.  Ineos driving the peloton back onto the escapees.


Got a group of 5 big names over the top of the cliff - think they are fighting for the win now.  No break among the overall leaders.  Valverde is getting some useful time back.


Michael Woods goes for it....wins!


Countdown for Valverde....gets about 50 secs.  No other big changes.

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We have literal actual vultures following the race today, so not a good time for out-of-contract riders to crash.


20k to go, breakaway almost caught & peloton approaching the big final climb.


Hugh Carthy goes for it on the steepest part of the climb, Kuss goes with him, others struggling. 3k of agony left.  Valverde like a roulette player in Vegas - is losing everything he gained yesterday & more.


Carapaz & Roglič now going for it, Carthy & Dan Martin trailed.


Vlasov going for the stage, truce among the top four.


Final is


Roglič. Gains about 20 secs net with bonus.


Dan Martin

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15 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Froome finishing in the grupetto with the likes of Jasper Philipsen and Mihkel Räim, lol. And that's going to get millions of euros from Israel next year :lol: 

Ya, sure looks like not sending him to the TdF was the right call...

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