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Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2020 - 2021

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As some of you have maybe seen, FIS has launched a Prediction Challenge for this season's World Cup. It looks to be about predicting the winners and predicting other outcomes and questions. At the mom

Dutch media reports that Jelinkova has qualified for the Olympics.   Adriana will be the second female Dutch skier at the Olympics in history, with Margriet Prajoux-Bouma being the first one

Start list for tomorrow is out. Let's GO!!

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6 hours ago, hckošice said:

Tired but not physically. Petra is physically perfectly prepared for this season,


I think it's mainly about the head.


I personally don't believe that anyone (especially from a "major sport" country) can even imagine the pressure she is facing.


That pressure is unbearable for one person. Today, being clearly THE sporting figure of the whole country is a double-edged sword, Slovakia has no one else in sports today (yeah there Sagan, but the guy and his mind is a chapter alone),


the whole country is turning its eyes to Petra. sport fans of the whole country follow basically almost every her step. The fact that she managed to basically push out even our hockey primadonnas to the second and third pages of our sports magazines is already an impressive success and achievement of enormous proportions in itself. Her popularity in Slovakia start to border with madness.


And she has to face it all alone by herself.

Unlike the Swiss team (and basically all other not only powerhouses teams), where there are a like million of competitors in rhe team, a million members of the service team, a million coaches for each discipline separately and full of skiers - friends - with whom Lara can talk and relieve whenever she wants ! Petra is completely alone, she only has her mini team led by a maniac like Magoni, but without a real person whom she can speak about normal things (thats why she has at least her brother in the team being as the last person with her at the starts) in addition, this mini team has to share on daily basis also works that Lara probably doesn't even know exists, equip accommodation, equip tests, solve skis, solve trainings, solve a travel plan, etc ...


and then go, finish 9th in a freaking world cup downhill you race for the first time on that slope in your life and still suddenly everyone will write it was bad, you lost and bla bla bla



I know what you're talking about, It's the same when Justyna Kowalczyk battled the Norwegian power house in cross-country skiing. Norway had a special lab bus worth 5 million Euro with gazillion skis, waxes & engineers while Kowalczyk only had coach Veretelny and two Estonian waxmen who covered both classic & freestyle skis. And she didn't have a private jet like Vlhova does now :p She had a Mercedes minivan to travel around Europe.

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10 minutes ago, OlympicsFan said:

I really wonder how Weidle can be so great in downhill while being that bad in super G. Is it normal for athletes to be that good in one discipline, while being extremely weak in the other?


Of course, several skiers have done much better in Downhill than Super G over the years. Siebenhofer and B.Johnson from the current ones, Merighetti, Rolland & Kamer from the recently retired and off the top of my head the likes of Kate Pace and Hilary Lindh dating back to the 90s.

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