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The graphics towards the end that showed the first 10 or so in the standings...followed by a list of 10......wait for water swimmers  (with wrong flags, and at least two names being in the

Good to see Josip Rumac entered. Our first GT rider in a while.   I saw him couple of times, riding around my hometown.

Indeed, races should only be held in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, all almost covid free thanks to their self-disciplines. Let's just scrap races in this mafia driven country , I'm boycotting them

6 minutes ago, Grassmarket said:

Can you believe that we have had two of the greatest Grand Tours in history in the space of six weeks?


Going to be closer than most 100m races....

The Tour was great? I mean, the final time trial was, but other than that it was Skybots all over again, just with more yellow instead of black..

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47 minutes ago, Grassmarket said:

Goes to fractions, I think?

2.6.015 Where two or more riders make the same time in the general individual time placings, the fractions of a second registered during individual time trials (including the prologue) shall be added back into the total time to decide the order.
If the result is still tied or if there are no individual time trial stages the placings obtained in each stage, except team time trial stages, shall be added and, as a last resort, the place obtained in the last stage ridden shall be taken into consideration.
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Ganna looks like he has won the battle of the time trialists, Campenaerts second & Dennis third.


Almost on the top 10 now.


Top three....


All on the road now.


Almeida fourth in the TT, will probably move up.


TGH 10 secs up.

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