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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2020

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Saturday arrives, you are ready for another TISC extravaganza, the banter is plenty, the drinks are flowing, but there is a spectre of that most terrifying demon haunting us. No, no, no, silly @heywoo

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42 minutes ago, dcro said:

I expected some village to be honest. Would have been the first one since the 2015 Open. :(


Interestingly enough, we do not like giving honors to capital cities around here. Since 2016, Košice, Kaunas, Brighton, Carthage, Rio de Janeiro, Orlando, Guadalajara, Odense, Rijeka and now Apeldoorn have hosted. Not one of them a capital. :p

To add to the hate towards capitals, if Lithuania ever hosts a TISC, I'd probably just select Kaunas again over Vilnius :lol:


Before anyone asks why I'm bullying Vilnius, it's just that over the past couple of years, Kaunas has progressed its infrastructure, so there would be a lot of new impressive things to share.


Also, Kaunas is going to be the European culture capital of 2022, though, due to Covid, we probably will not be able to rebuild everything in time for 2022, because we are literally tearing down everything and building a lot of new shit.


Just in sports infrastructure, there's already a new rowing base, an indoor football complex with a removable roof, there's a new 50m 10 lane swimming pool being built right next to Žalgiris arena and a huge sports complex 15min away from my home that's going to include a multi-purpose stadium for Football and Athletics events, it's going to connect all the way towards the legendary Kauno Sporto Halė (old home of Žalgiris) and since it's a 2 minute walk away from the Lithuanian Sports University, I'd dare say that many many different sports will find a new home there.


I did not expect to be passionately swept away and write so much, but I am really proud of what my hometown is becoming (plus, I'm hoping for some nice athletic events coming back to Kaunas in the following few years).

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