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Men's Golf IGF PGA Tour 2020 - 2021

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Justin Thomas leads after Round 1 of US Open with a highly positive -5 score at the supposedly Top 3 hardest courses in the world - Winged Foot.


Phil Mickelson was +9 after R1 and dead last but one.

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R3 is over. Wolff -5, DeChambeau -3 and Oosthuizen -1 are the only ones below par.


Winner at -2 is my guess unless USO plays hardball with the hole locations tomorrow and we see some epic shitshow.


My pick for the win: Schauffele (currently Par).

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I don't understand why USGA is always stuck with this kind of courses...:facepalm:


watching pros struggling to make the par, having a +700 total after 2 days is NOT good golf, it's not an entertaining show...:wall:


by the way, I think the tournament is still open to the current top 7, up to Rory...Wolff should struggle to have a decent round, DeChambeau is very dangerous, but I do really hope he's not going to win it would be the worst possible advertising for golf...


my pick (more a heart's pick rather than a true prediction) is one between Rory and Matsuyama...

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