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Winter Olympic Games 2026 Olympic Sports Programme

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2 hours ago, heywoodu said:


I knew there'd be street parties watching speed skating in the back alleys of Accra and Nairobi. Also, Namibia is clearly not letting go of it's German heritage :lol: 

So what happened to Indonesia then? What happened that they rejected the Dutch specialities? :p

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16 hours ago, Col_Frost said:

It wasn't a problem when in Sochi we get four new competitions on both Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing. Winter Games are not so big as summer edition and IOC seems to not affraid of adding new competitions at big scale. This is one of the reasons that there is smaller and smaller number of candidates for host every four years.


I disagree. There are more countries competing on artificials. The track had to be build unless you get rid off bobsleigh and skeleton too. And of course there is something called tradition ;) 


more or less, but there's not such a big difference as someone might think...


those are the numbers from the last world champs in both sports (and please, consider that NTL at the moment is not an Olympic discipline and at that time -January 2019, date of the last worlds- it wasn't even supposed to be)...


Men's Singles: NTL = 52 sliders from 21 Nations; ATL = 34 sliders from 14 Nations (therefore, in this event we even have more participants in the NTL worlds than in the Olympic event)

Women's Singles: NTL = 25 sliders from 14 Nations; ATL = 29 sliders from 19 Nations

Doubles (and Team Relays): NTL = 12 pairs from 7 Nations (and 7 teams in the Relay event); ATL = 19 pair from 11 Nations (and 11 teams in the Relay event)


so, with a new boost from the Olympic status, NTL potentially could involve very soon more Nations than ATL (currently the weakest event is the Doubles competition -and consequently the Team Relay, but with Olympic medals up for grabs there will be many more Nations trying to form a team for the main event...I'm sure)...


and considering that in NTL money and technology count a lot less than in ATL, I'm also convinced that once the sport gets the Olympic status, also the current Italian/Austrian (with marginal Russian appearances) domination would eventually be heavily reduced, if not ended at all...while the German reign over ATL (with some Russian participation) will be more and more relevant in the years to come...

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17 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:

Just because we strayed onto this topic a little, here’s a fascinating map put together by Google based on YouTube streaming trends the year leading up to Pyeongchang 2018.



Curling , really ? I think I'm the only person in this country maybe searching sometimes about the winter sports and I don't think I watched Curling that much :d that should be Alpine or Figure skating.


btw is there any chance for Ice Climbing to be added anytime soon ? I mean somewhere in my life time ? :d that's the only "winter" sport we can be somehow competitive. and maybe in that case people here finally realize Winter Olympics even exist. :p

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1 hour ago, intoronto said:

As for hockey, 12 teams for men is the perfect number; Adding 4 more teams is not going to make it more competitive.


we are not in the 90-2000´s anymore, the sport is much more competitive and open than it was in the past, a tournament with 16 teams (but with a different format) is important for the advancement of the sport.


some countries cannot get to the Olympics under the current circumstances with only 3 offered quotas via qualifications (just thinking about :DEN or :FRA  ), they clearly have the potential to be there in full force, just imagine how big would be the boost of hockey in France if the sport got suddenly some place in TV during the Olympics in France) a bigger tournament would be a huge moment for the hockey itself in all these countries...

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hace 17 horas, Olympian1010 dijo:

Just because we strayed onto this topic a little, here’s a fascinating map put together by Google based on YouTube streaming trends the year leading up to Pyeongchang 2018.



It is funny to see luge in Spain consdering that we do not have a single athlete :mumble:. The only Winter sport slightly popular in Spain is figure skating, specially since the appearance of Javi Fernández. A few years ago, alpine skiing was also popular, with some World Cup events being shown in public TV, as well as ski jumping with the Four Trampolines, but nowadays nobody cares about Winter sports.

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