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Snowboarding 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread


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Rukajarvi and Smits mount Seiser Alm throne

Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) celebrates her career's third alongside 2nd ranked Laurie Blouin (CAN) and 3rd ranked Sina Candrian (SUI


Enni Rukajarvi (FIN) and Seppe Smits (BEL), who both had earned the first ever slopestyle world championships title back in 2011, have claimed victory in today's third slopestyle competition of the 2016-17 season which was staged at Seiser Alm (ITA) under a blue bird sky.


It was the first time that the Italian resort hosted a snowboard World Cup event.


Facing perfect conditions in a well-designed course of the award-winning Snowpark nestling in the South Tyrolean Resort, Rukajarvi kept the momentum of her last weekend's LAAX OPEN triumph securing back-to-back wins by posting the high score of 81.70 in a close women's three run, best on count final of the top-6 qualifiers.


The 2014 Olympic silver medallist landed a lipslide, 50-50 backside 360 out and a front blunt 270 out in the jibbing section before going into a frontside 360 melon, backside 540 indy and cab 720 mute over the jumps to take home her third World Cup win.


“So far, I'm really surprised. It's hard to believe to have back-to-back wins under my belt. It's cool. I'm really happy,” she said before also explaining why she was absent from the contest scene since the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.


“I have been competing for many years now. At some point I just did too many contests. I took a break of that, and now it's fun to do contests again.”


Laurie Blouin (CAN; 80.50) finished second and locked in her career's second World Cup podium by edging off Swiss Sina Candrian (80.40) to third with the tiny mere of 0.10.


“Today was just crazy. It's been the best contest I have ever ridden in in regards of the conditions. And it's been a very high level of riding. It's cool to see that because the girls are pushing each other. I'm really happy,” stated Blouin whose run had included cab double cork 900 while Candrian had been the sole female to stomp a frontside 1080 in the women's finals.


The rise of the flatlanders


In the men's event which saw ten riders going for the win, things were also getting pretty tight with Seppe Smits earning his career's third but first in slopestyle with a score of 88.30 relegating British style machine Jamie Nicholls (87.90) to the second rank.


Smits threw down a backside lipslide to fakie, cab 180 backside 360 out and backside 270 in the rail section before going into the kicker line with a frontside 900 mute to a huge cab 1260 stalefish and a backside 1260 mute to finish things off.


It was a run which had took some time to be put together Smits admitted after his first ever slopestyle World Cup tirumph:


“I'm very satisfied with today's results. I was kind of feeling it today after the first days of practise had been a bit hard for me. So I switched up everything, figured out a good run to do and I managed to land it in my first run. I'm pretty hyped.”


Jamie Nicholls, who had pulled out of the Kreischberg World Cup two weeks ago therefore missing some action in the race for the Crystal Globe, was more than satisfied with his outcome. But not only because he finally got rid of the knee brace today.


“It's amazing. The whole practice went so well, and I landed my run every time. In the finals I messed it up twice. But in the third run of the finals I finally landed it. So, I'm really happy.”


With Sebbe de Buck (BEL, 85.75) – the third ever Belgian rider to step on a World Cup podium – rounding out the podium as third and Billy Morgan (GBR, 84.40) placing fourth, it was not only a great outing for the two countries known for their dry and indoor slopes but also the best result in World Cup history for riders from the flatlands.


On top of that, it was the first time in history, that two Belgians climbed the podium together with de Buck celebrating his career's first top-3 result.


The snowboard freestyle World Cup tour continues next week with both, a halfpipe and slopestyle competition slated to take place in Mammoth Mountain (USA) from February 1 to 4, 2017.


A flatland podium for the men's at the Seiser Alm World Cu with Seppe Smits (BEL) in first, Jamie Nicholls (GBR) in second and Sebbe de Buck (BEL) in third




Full Results Mens and Womens




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Ledecka and Galmarini triumph in Rogla pgs



Ester Ledecka (CZE) and Nevin Galmarini (SUI) have triumphed in the 2016-17 World Cup season's second parallel giant slalom which was staged in Rogla (SLO) today.


And unlike the previous years before, the Slovenian resort was finally and deservedly blessed with a lot of snow and a blue bird sky which attracted even more spectators to cheer for their local favourites.


While one of them, Rok Flander, finally retired from active racing finishing 17th and another one, Zan Kosir, made it on the podium as third of the men's competition, the big show was delivered by some other carving specialists.


In the men's event, it was Nevin Galmarini standing out. After having been victorious agains Sang-Kyum Kim (KOR), and Sylvain Dufour (FRA), the 2014 Olympic silver medallist also eliminated Kosir to move on to the big finals where he faced defending alpine snowboard overall World Cup champion Radoslav Yankov.


The Swiss racer was able to outpace the Bulgarian athlete with the tiny lead of 0.12 seconds to bring home his career's eagerly anticipated first win in his 88th World Cup start.


“It's just unbelievable. It's so special and very important for me. I have been on the podium a few times but this... Every summer I train so hard doing it to finally win a World Cup race. Now this dream has come true. I'm super happy,” he said.


His rival Yankov, who was so close to earn his career's third, stated: “Everything was perfect until the very last gates. I felt good during the runs before but then made some minor mistake at the end. So, I'm a little bit disappointed.”


However, the rider from Chepelare, who had turned 27 two days ago, also knew: “But still, I'm happy with my second place, it's been perfect advertising for my home races next week. So, I hope that a lot of people come to Bansko to support me at site.”


The ski resort nestling at the foot of the Pirin Mountains and latest addition to the World Cup calendar, will play host to two parallel giant slalom races therefore becoming the second ever snowboard World Cup stop in Bulgaria.


Ledecka takes makes it three in Rogla


With expectations high in Bansko, it's not clear yet if women's World Cup leader Ester Ledecka will make it there as the Czech superstar plans to compete in the St. Moritz alpine skiing world championships and has to define her travel itinerary.


However, “I would love to compete in Bansko,” she said after winning the women's finals.


It's been the third time after 2014 and 2016 for her to triumph in Rogla with five World Cup events having been staged on the Jasa slope so far.


Ledecka, who is dreaming of winning medals in both, alpine skiing and snowboarding, at PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games kept hold to her title by beating Germany's Carolin Langenhorst, who earned her career's first podium.


“It's always a tough race here as it is an hill which is easy – and that makes is so hard to succeed. All the riders are on the very same level. There are only some very small differences.


You have to have a good tech and team behind you and be very good prepared in order to go every run as fast as you can,” she explained before adding that “I don't have a special secret. I'm just focusing on every single run trying to be the first one down in the finish.”


Ina Meschik finished in third position after coming out successful of an all Austrian small final against her teammate Claudia Riegler.






Full Results Men and Women





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Tomorrow begins the Bansko world cup weekend. :thumbup: With the success that Jekova and Yankov have had, i think our federation will try to have World Cup starts for a while. It is expected that the saturday/sunday starts to have around 10 000 spectators.

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Great qualification run by Rado Yankov, second time, let's hope he can make the final. :clap: Fischnaller, Christoph Mick, Dufour all didn't pass the Q, very interesting stuff. :) No Ledecka on the womens side, plus Ulbing DNF in the qualification, so it is wide open there. I'm rooting for Zavarzina for the win. :yes

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Kummer and Yankov triumph in historic race in Bulgaria



Second best qualifiers Patrizia Kummer (SUI) and Radoslav Yankov (BUL) have claimed victory in the first parallel giant slalom of two World Cup races currently staged at Bansko which therefore became the second ever Bulgarian hist of a snowboard World Cup competition.


With a perfectly prepared course given under a blue bird sky, a demanding and turning setting of the gates as well as 7,000 noisy spectators who were barracking for their local favourite everything was set for an history writing debut as the so far sole World Cup staged on Bulgarian soil was dating back to Sofia where a big air was held in 2007.


And as if Hollywood had written the story line for the first ever pgs World Cup event at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, it was the Bulgaria's snowboard superstar Radoslav Yankov doing his home country proud by securing the much anticipated win in front of a stellar crowd where a lot of fans were fully equipped with Yankov masks and shirts.


One week after turning 27, the racer coming from Chepelare beat Rogla winner Nevin Galmarini (SUI) in the men's final bringing home his career's third.


“I'm really excited and happy about this win. It's a dream come true for me. I have to thank Bansko for putting this one up, such a great slope. The people here were awesome. I will never forget this race,” he said before getting feted by the crowd at site.


Earning 1,000 points for his victory, Yankov took over the lead in the pgs as well as alpine snowboard overall World Cup ranking from Benjamin Karl (AUT) who finished in third position after having the upper hand on Mirko Felicetti (ITA) in the small final.


Clashes of the titans


While the men's event became a well-deserved Yankov show ,the women's event also featured an exciting showdown with 2014 Olympic champions Patrizia Kummer and Julia Dujmovits (AUT) going head to head in the big finals until the finish line.


In the end, the Swiss racer, who had lost her Rogla eight final last week do to the worse qualifier time after being tied with her rival Carolin Langenhorst (GER), came out successful of the most thrilling duel of the day by crossing the line 0.01 seconds ahead of her rival from Austria.


“It was an incredible race for me. I felt well right from the beginning. As a result I had a good qualifier time which was important for me as it didn't really work out in the last races. I knew that I just had to believe in myself and what I do. And it worked out. I'm super happy that I made it on top of the podium, especially in front of such a crowd here in Bansko.”


Although one man's meat is another man's poison, runner-up Julia Dujmovits was also pleased with the result given the fact that she had to overcome several setbacks during the season already:


“I'm not disappointed although it's never nice to lose by only one hundredths but this is a sport where things can go the other way round next time. So, I'm sure that I will have the advantage sometime again.


I'm glad about my racing today especially as the whole season hasn't been going well for me so far with two finger injuries. I'm happy that I came back step by step and finished on the podium today.”


Ladina Jenny (SUI) rounded out the podium as third while 2015 world champion Claudia Riegler (AUT) had to settle for fourth position just like last weekend in Slovenia.


Eighth rank finisher Ina Meschik (AUT) took over the pgs World Cup lead from Ester Ledecka (CZE), who is missing out the Bansko trip due to participating in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in St. Moritz (SUI).


However, the Czech is still leading the overall World Cup ranking.


The alpine snowboard World Cup tour continues this coming Sunday with another parallel giant slalom staged on the Alberto Tomba slope.


Finals are scheduled for 1:30 PM CET.







Full Results Women and Men





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18 minutes ago, Federer91 said:

Todays start is a new modification in the SBX - a Sprint Cross race. Basically the snowboard version of the 100m :d Only a straight line with jumps and rollers. 

No offense, but I hope this is the first and last time we see this :lol:


At least as a serious event, it'd be fun as some sort of exhibition because people can see almost the entire race, but not even a single turn and then getting full World Cup thanks :d 

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12 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

No offense, but I hope this is the first and last time we see this :lol:


At least as a serious event, it'd be fun as some sort of exhibition because people can see almost the entire race, but not even a single turn and then getting full World Cup thanks :d 


Yeah, i would have preffered a normal race as well, but we know FIS loves to do these "hip" american style races. :coffee:

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