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Ski Jumping 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

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Japan again unbeatable


Takanashi ahead of Ito and Seifriedsberger

Second competition, second victory: Sara Takanashi performed the perfect season opening in Lillehammer. Team mate Yuki Ito came in second and secured the second Japanese double victory of the season. Jaqueline Seifriedsberger saved the weekend fort he Austrian team and came in third.


Takanashi far ahead

Takanashi one more time outscored her competitors with jumps to 95,5 and 98,0 meters and got 268,1 points. The Japanese said:


„Yesterday I was still alittle early with my jump. Today it worked better so could get more pressure on my skis. I already jumped in Nizhny Tagil a few times, the hill is completely different from the one in Lillehammer. So I just want to show a good performance in Russia.“ Ito got a little closer to her than on Saturday with two jumps to 95,0 meters and 255,4 points.


Ito happy this time

She stated: „I am pretty happy and satisfied. After yesterday´s competition it was my goal to make i tone the podium again.“ 5,4 points behind Jaqueline Seifriedsberger achieved 93,5 and 95,0 meters. Seifriedsberger said: „I am very happy with this weekend. It was my best season opening so far. Austrian team mate Daniela Iraschko-Stolz missed the podium only by 0,4 points and finished 4th.


Vtic fifth again

Slovenia´s Maja Vtic finished the second competition like the first one with a 5th place and her best jump to 93,0 points. Norway´s Maren Lundby made up for her disappointing 22nd place from Friday and came in 6th this time, pushing Russia´s Irina Avvakumova to a 7th place only by 1,0 points. Sarah Hendrickson also climbed up the ranking and came in 8th this time. Anna Rupprecht, third in the first competition, finished a very good weekend with a 9th place ahead of Slovenia´s Ema Klinec and her team mates Katharina Althaus and Carina Vogt.


Kykkänen scores

Julia Kykkänen brought in points for Finland on place 13, Lucile Morat from France brought another good result in finishing 15th. Daniela Haralambie scored again on place 20, Elena Runggaldier and Evelyn Insam secured points fort he Italien team on places 23 and 28. The next Ladies World Cup will take place in Nizhny Tagil (RUS) next weekend.



Full results Here


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Injury, he will miss whole season.

judges didnt learn anything from last seasons. one judge gave peter 17,5, freund who almost fell got 18

Kamil Stoch unbeatable in front of the home crowd   About a week after his triumph at 4-Hills-Tournament, Kamil Stoch of Poland won the first of two Ski Jumping World Cups in Wisla (

First win in the World Cup for Polish team

Dawid Kubacki, Piotr Zyla, Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot

Dawid Kubacki, Piotr Zyla, Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot


Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Piotr Zyla and Maciej Kot, took the first ever win in a Ski Jumping World Cup team competition for Poland this evening in Klingenthal. Outstanding athletes of the team: Double Olympic champion Kamil Stoch and this summer's dominator Maciej Kot. The teams of Germany and Austria came in second and third.


With a total score of 1128.7 points, the Polish team had a clear lead of more than 40 points over the German team (987.1 points). "Poland was extremely strong here today so we are happy about the second place", Richard Freitag ungrudgingly acknowledged the fantastic performance of the Polish athletes.


Kamil Stoch summed up the competition for the enthusiastic Polish jumpers: "I feel great, this is a fantastic moment for our team. During the summer we made huge progress. Right now I just feel good, my shape is good and my jumps are consistent and on a high level. We did a good job in summer and also made some adjustments to my inrun position. Now I can really enjoy ski jumping again. Our coach made some changes, but these are our secrets."


Despite the clear defeat, the German team showed a strong performance. Their best was surprisingly Markus Eisenbichler, who clearly dominated his group with jumps of 137.5 m and 136 m. Andreas Wellinger, Severin Freund and Richard Freitag had some solid jumps and the team scored a total of 1087.2 points and finished second. "For me personally it was a good competition. I was able to show my best jumps, especially the second one was really good. I was working with Poland's coach Stefan Horngacher, he is a good coach. He is doing a good job in Poland and the team has already been strong. Even if it will be difficult, my goal is to be in the Top 6 tomorrow. I hope I'll be able to achieve that", Freitag analyzed the competition.


With 1086.3 points, the Austrian team of coach Heinz Kuttin missed the second place by only 0.9 points. Andreas Kofler, who is on his way back to old strength, was one of the best of his team. "I'm very happy about this result today, it has been a while since I stood on the podium. It was very close today between us and the German team, maybe luck will be on our side next time. It was a lot of fun jumping here today. My goal was to make it to the team again and I could achieve that. My main focus now is on the 4-Hills-Tournament and the World Championships in Finland."


Clearly behind the Top 3, the athletes of Norway, who are still struggling in the Vogtland-Arena, came in fourth. With their total of 1024.2 points, they were already more than 60 points behind Austria. Robert Johansson, Andreas Stjernen, Johann Andre Forfang and Daniel Andre Tande were at no point able to fight for the podium today. 


For the team of Slovenia, for many one of the favorites in this event, one outstanding jump of youngster Domen Prevc (145 m, the longest jump of the day) was not enough. The team of head coach Goran Janus finished only fifth.


The Czech Republic, Japan and Switzerland came in sixth, seventh and eighth.



Full Results Here




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9 hours ago, rybak said:

I'm so happy of this win, our first ever win in team at world cup :clap::champion::cheer: Finally good result for our athletes at this winter season, now please repeat this tomorrow :)


Congrats. It was a excellent performance of all members of your team. Poland actually wasn´t never in doubts of the win during the whole yesterdays race. A master class performance.

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Domen Prevc dominates the world's elite

Daniel Andre Tande, Domen Prevc, Stefan Kraft


While his older brother and superstar Peter Prevc is still struggling with his shape, only 17-year-old Domen Prevc dominates the world's elite in ski jumping. Prevc won a top competition on Sunday in Klingenthal, close ahead of Norway's Daniel Andre Tande and Austria's Stefan Kraft. The team of Poland could not defend their one-two lead.


Domen Prevc scored 286.9 points with his jumps of 140 m and 141 m and came in only the tiny margin of 0.2 points ahead of Tande (286.7 points). This was the second win in the World Cup for Domen Prevc. Also third-placed Stefan Kraft (284.8 points) was only 1.9 points behind Tande.


"My wins are the result of hard work, they don't just happen", Domen Prevc explained after his success. "But after my second jump today I didn't expect that it would be enough for the win or even the podium. I hope that I can show many more long jumps this winter that I'm satisfied with, that's why I started ski jumping", said Prevc.


With Daniel Andre Tande, the by far best Norwegian at the moment achieved his second podium result this winter. "I'm very satisfied with my performance today. Although my first jump was not as good as the second one. The fact that I could still finish second, shows me that I can win with perfect jumps", said Tande.  


For Austrian Stefan Kraft today's third place was the first podium this winter: "Once again it was an extremely exciting competition. My second jump was my best one here, that was good. Unfortunately I lost some points with the landing, but I'm still very satisfied. Now I hope that I can continue jumping on this high level and finish in the Top 10 consistently." 


Poland loses one-two lead - good jumps are not enough


After the first half of the competition, Poland's Maciej Kot and Kamil Stoch were first and second, but both were not able to defend their leading positions despite good jumps. The competition was simply too strong today. At the end Kot and Stoch came in fourth and fifth, and with Kubacki, Hula and Zyla in 13th, 18th and 20th, it was yet another strong team result for the Polish athletes, who could win yesterday's team competition in an impressive manner.


Freund loses yellow bib


Best athlete of the German Ski Association was Markus Eisenbichler in sixth. Eisenbichler, who already proved on Saturday that he can do well on the hill in the Vogtland-Arena, could have achieved even more with a better first jump. The athlete of Bavaria is in a really good shape right now.


It didn't go that well for Severin Freund, who surprised with extremely strong performances in Kuusamo. Freund finished 11th and is now second in the overall World Cup, behind Domen Prevc. With his win in Klingenthal, his second win this winter, the younger Prevc is now in the lead of the overall World Cup and will wear the yellow leader's bib next weekend in Lillehammer (NOR).


Descombes Sevoie strong again, Klimov consistent


Vincent Descombes Sevoie could confirm his strong performance of Kuusamo. The Frenchman finished 10th and is still among the pre-qualified athletes. Russia's Evgeniy Klimov came in on a strong 16th place and also confirmed his very good results from the season opener in Kuusamo.


Canada and USA strong in the final


Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes convinced in 12th, Kevin Bickner proved his upward trend in 23rd.


Many top athletes not in the final


Many of last winter's top athletes are still not in their best shape. So Michael Hayboeck (AUT / 31st), Daiki Ito (JPN / 33rd), Roman Koudelka (36th) and Johann Andre Forfang (NOR / 43rd) where among those who failed to make the cut for the final in Klingenthal.


Moment of shock for Vojtech Stursa


Czech youngster Vojtech Stursa provided a moment of shock. After a crash after the landing of his first jump he had to be carried out of the outrun. But it became clear relatively soon that he didn't suffer any serious injuries. Stursa was even able to participate in the final round and came in 28th.



Finns not in the final


It was a disappointing day for the two Finnish athletes in Klingenthal. Jarkko Maeaettae (41st) and Janne Ahonen (45th) could not qualify for the final of the best 30 jumpers. Head coach Andreas Mitter and the Finnish team will face some difficult times.


The next two ski jumping World Cups will be held next weekend in Lillehammer (NOR). This is a replacement venue for the two competitions, which were scheduled for Nizhny Tagil (RUS), but later moved to Norway by the International Ski Federation FIS. 



Full Results Here

Domen Prevc 2nd round


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