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Summer Olympic Games 2016 Images


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5 hours ago, Dejo said:







about first photo


“I was walking back from an interview this morning and he was walking past me, and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s Djokovic.’ You usually give each other the nod and the smile, but I was like ‘I’m going to say hi,’” said Phelps, who said he’s a huge tennis fan.


So the 6-foot-4 swimmer from the U.S. met the 6-foot-2 tennis star from Serbia for the first time.

“We kinda ended up just talking. We talked about the event schedule and when he was competing, when I was competing. Took a photo. Wished each other good luck, and walked away,” said Phelps.


Hopefully they get more time together, so Phelps could give Djokovic some tips on his butterfly.

“He’s super down to earth and easy to talk to,” said Phelps. “For me, it was something that was cool to see. I’ve watched a lot of his matches on TV, and he’s had some epic ones. Definitely a very talented athlete and someone who was fun to run into.”


and btw I saw many comments on Serbian sites: "bla bla he just walks through the village and asking for the photo" :lol: I just don't understand these people, hello this is Olympics. Medal will be for Serbia. But hey, they don;t understand that obviously;)



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two different extremes from our team :d


one with traditional folklore clothes and one for a magazine for adultes :d


Danka Barteková, Matej Beňuš and Richard Nagy


and Katarína Listopadová, Iveta Putalová and Alexandra Longová


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