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Volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games 2016


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3 godziny temu, kacz187 napisał:



hahahaha that was amazing italian theatre :lol:

Yes. Yesterday match was a very good theatre. Italiy played... nothing. Nothing good. They make a surprise for Canada.

About draw: we will be play agaist US. It will be good match. I think we can win it.

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11 hours ago, VolleyRuller96 said:

Well, I DO NOT by all means suggest anything, but... did someone from IOC security check if all the "eggs" were the same temperature ? :d and I dont say it cause we got a hard opponent but that i am suspicious towards Russian federation ( sorry Russia fans, not anything against you or your team personally, however one of the important persons in your volley board commented a few weeks ago in the doping scandal that nothing will happen as Russia has " exceptionally good relationship with FiVB" so that seems to me like he silently said "Yes, we are financing FIVB and getting benefits for it")  and the event was not broadcast anywhere, at least I don't think so, so it's a bit strange Russia gets possibly the weakest opponent from the remaining 8 teams - not anything towards Canadian team, too ;)


Well... They drew Serbia in women's tournament... :lol: 

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6 минут назад, Майкл сказал:

:d Too good!


Только что, NikolaB сказал:

The best game from our team in last couple of years. They completely destroyed Russian girls. Bravo girls, bravo

Congrats! It was a good game :thumbup:. Hopefully now they will win gold :yes

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