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Snowboarding 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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FISI announced the Italian team for the next season. The main teams are:


Alpine Slalom

Daniele Bagozza

Maurizio Bormolini

Edwin Coratti

Mirko Felicetti

Ronald Fischnaller

Aaron March

Nadya Ochner


Snowboard cross

Emanuel Perathoner

Lorenzo Sommariva

Omar Visintin

Filippo Ferrari

Michele Godino

Sofia Berlinghieri

Raffaella Brutto

Francesca Gallina

Michela Moioli



Loris Framarin

Emiliano Lauzi

Nicola Liviero

Emilian Zulian

Alberto Maffei


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Parallel World Championships will be in Rogla, Slovenia the 1st and 2nd March 2021 with only the Individuals Parallel Giant Slaloms the 1st and Parallel Slalom events held the 2nd.


One week later the venue will host also the originally scheduled World Cup stage.

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Paralympic snowboarding legend Bibian Mentel, who was one of the main people to get snowboarding on the Paralympic program and who has kicked cancer's ass 15 (!) times, has been told by doctors that this time they can't treat her anymore, and she should probably start saying her goodbyes :cry:


She was about to qualify for Salt Lake in 2002 aged 27 and then got bone cancer, followed by years and years of new bouts of cancer and dominating the world of para-snowboarding in between.

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Three weeks after the previous post, and things went as horribly fast as they go with this....her family has just announced the death of Bibian Mentel, 48 years old. Truly one of the most well-known and well-liked athletes in the Netherlands (granted, not so much because of her athletic career, but more because of her fame on TV in recent years), and an absolute legend in parasports in general.

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