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Ski Jumping 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, dcro said:

Yeah, don't be sure about this season being held at all.


If there is one competition format which will suffer the most right now, then that is definitely any given WC format, where athletes are required to travel from country to country on weekly basis.


Spain, for example, has already cancelled their equestrian 2020/21 WCs, scheduled for December...


The season will go ahead even if half of it would be staged in Poland :lol: Wisla has been bitching about the November date since forever, they'd like to host the event in January like they did before but due to Zakopane being the bigger shark they could only hope for one mid-week competition. Full back-to-back weekends in Wisla and Zakopane are something that hasn't happened on World Cup yet.

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Dnia 22.06.2020 o 19:11, heywoodu napisał:

You scared me good there, for a moment I thought I was still in the Olympic athletes deaths thread.

Hell no :lol: 


Thankfully Adam feels enough good that he can stay in home, for mandatory 14 days quarantine as almost doesn't have any symptoms ;) 

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If we will not go into nationwide lockdown, (which is unfortunately 99% sure that will be introducted) in next two weeks the World Cup opener in Wisła will take place without any spectators. It will be first time ever that ski jumping event in Poland will not have no one in the stands :( 


I'm used to such views only during Sapporo stage and the one during Pyeongchang Games :p

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