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Bobsleigh 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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Denmark has hereby officially announced a national bobsleigh team aiming for the 2026 Winter Olympics! 6 athletes on the team with triple jumper Jannick Bagge as pilot. They'll be part of th

Women's monobob 'World Series' is scheduled to have its first ever professionally done event coverage tomorrow. Some three years after being added to the Olympic program and barely a year ahead of its

It's not. No more freebies for Nigeria. Gone with the Project Bogota.

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On 10/09/2020 at 09:56, Col_Frost said:

After such introduction you could share his name as well cause it's not a big secret now ;) 


Very ambitious plans for a nation that never participated even in World Cup. With qualification for Beijing there shouldn't be a problem I believe. They traditional competing in North America Cup and it's easier there to get points than in Europe Cup. But medal? Even if Edelman (or someone else) turn out to be a very talented driver what with rest of the team? Does Israel have some talented sprinters to join them into bobsleigh program? Or maybe they are planning "shopping" in another country? ;) I wish them the best (unless they actually do this "shopping" thing) cause it's another nation in this sport that I love to watch but they should have a very big stack of money and start a really wide ranging program to make a way from nothing to a medal in only six years.

It's super ambitious indeed, in my eyes they should first focus on Qualifying, but weirder things happend before so...;)

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5 hours ago, Dnl said:

The law of return is very strict and is not allow any "shopping" to happen every person who is elgible for citezenship due to the law has allawys been the passed in 1950 and the purpose of it is to encourge jews to make "alliyah" and settle in Israel, this law has nothing to do with sport and again if you heard about athleat who represnt Israel and he is not based in Israel, this is the reason, i can asure you that the country is not buying nor importing athleats in exchange of money.

I was just joking with this shopping thing ;) But surely I'm not a fan of changing citezenship only to could compete for another country. Any other reason is perfectly fine for me but sometimes it's hard to recognize is this reason a true or only a trick (I'm not saying that in Israel it is a trick). I hope you understand :) 


5 hours ago, Dnl said:

It's super ambitious indeed, in my eyes they should first focus on Qualifying, but weirder things happend before so...

True that. But still it's very hard for a country outside of the top to fight for medals. Sure France can have Heinrich, Czechs Dvorak but there're still not candidates for medals. And we're talking about countries with some traditions. It's way more difficult for "new" countries. But as Korea proved it's not impossible (but not in 6 years I believe). So as you said, qualification first. I think it's very possible if they continue tradition of compete in North America Cup.

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2021 World Championships have been moved from Lake Placid to Altenberg. That means Altenberg hosts back-to-back world championships, since they also hosted them last year.


World Cup Season is now: Sigulda, Sigulda, Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Winterberg, St. Mortiz, Königssee, and Beijing 


The entire North American Cup season will take place from January 4 to January 24. It’s likely that the season will just be 2 doubleheader events at two tracks (my guess is Park City/Lake Placid).


Europe Cup Skeleton starts at the end of November, and will visit: Königssee, Sigulda, Altenberg, and Innsbruck. The season will end towards the end of January.


Europe Cup Bobsleigh starts at the beginning of December, and will visit: Winterberg, Sigulda, Altenberg, Innsbruck, and Königssee. The season will end in the middle of February.


Skeleton Intercontinental Cup starts in December, and will visit: Königssee, Pyeongchang, and Innsbruck. The season will finish in January.


Junior World Championships remain at the same venue and date for the time being.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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