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Alpine Skiing 2020 - 2021 Discussion Thread

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9 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Meanwhile the first competitions in months have been held, but the Chilean races obviously only had Chilean athletes this year, so they're not that interesting sadly.

There’s usually some credible names in the New Zealand international season in Aug/Sept....not this year though

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World Champioships being basically meaningless? Everyone will try to peak for the Olympics, leaving the March Worlds as an afterthought, at best.

finally we have a decision...   and as expected, Cortina will host their World Champs in 2021, as originally scheduled...

Some hard core revolution happened today in Slovakia.   The Slovak Ski Association is not anymore a National sport federation.     The Ministry of Education, Science, Research

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The whole statement:



At its meeting today, the FIS Council, including the members of the Marc Holder Foundation, based on a complete loss of confidence, has decided by a great majority vote that Sarah Lewis will no longer serve as the Secretary General of FIS, effective 9th October 2020.


Translation for those not reading English: "Thanks for 20 years of work, now get the fuck out."


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28 minutes ago, phelps said:

Good thing Sölden is already behind him and it's a while before his main events are coming up, so it shouldn't be much of an issue probably.

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Some hard core revolution happened today in Slovakia.


The Slovak Ski Association is not anymore a National sport federation.



The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic takes away the status of the national sports association from the Slovak Ski Association (SLA).


Following an agreement with the International Ski Federation (FIS), the state moved the whole movement, which brings together several disciplines, temporarily under the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOŠV).


Based on this, also our skier Petra Vlhová should continue undisturbed in the started season of the World Cup. but will not represent the Slovak Ski Association but the Slovak Olympic Committee.


The patronage of SOŠV should apply not only to the Alpine Skiers, but also to other sections and their representatives, Cross-Country Skierss, Freestyle Skiers, snowboarders, Ski Jumpers or atletes in the Nordic combined and grass skiing.


this reaction from the state and the olympic committee came right after 46 sports clubs with 1,317 members !!! (almost all our skiing clubs), including Petra Vlhová, basically the whole Alpine Skiers and other representatives from ski jumping to cross-country skiing, decided to leave the association today. Five of the six members of the general assembly also resigned


everyone has enough of the current leadership under the Italian Marino Mersich (an extremely controversial character) who is behind our ski association for 12 years now (even if he was successfully kicked out a couple of years ago he still under some strange circumstances was able to place at highest posts of the federation his people and under which the Slovak skiing has completely disappeared, Ski Jumpinh and Nordic Combined does not exist anymore Cross-Country is barely living and behind Petra there a big hole also in the alpine skiing.


More here in slovak

Reaction of the State

and the Ski federation attacked back saying that nobody can take away anything from them and they are the only eligible representatives of all Skiing sports in Slovakia and in all FIS events, and whoever want to step out from the federation will have to return all the fnancial support they get and also return all the assets they have borrowed from the SLA. Sort of slovak stop the count ! We won ! :lol:

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4 minutes ago, hckosice said:

Todays surgery in Innsbruck means the end of season for Bernadette Schild. Knee injury in training, the exactly same injury she had in Solden 2019 and quickly finished her season last year.

I really hope we'll see her back in shape at some point, it's always tragic when someone is out for so long :(

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