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Trampoline Gymnastics at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

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I dont agree about the result ... in my opinion the chinese girl deserved the gold, but it was the correct decision to not give a medal to the girl from Belarus. Could someone please tell me why there were only 16 competitors? I thought that there would be much more participants and its really unfair that some sports only have so few spots at the olympics ... :cry:

I am very surprised to see that the german girl finished 10th, missing the final by only 0.4 points, but i dont know how big the difference between her and the medallists really is quality-wise ... ? I guess she profited a lot from other participants underperforming, but i am glad that she was able to perform at her best at the most important competition of her life, especially considering the very difficult conditions for german athletes in trampoline. She even had to pay a psychologist with her on money, because the budget for german trampoline athletes was clearly reduced when the german men failed to qualify for the olympics ...

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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Rafael Andrade also had a bad day. He had no chance in hell to qualify. Why did he get nervous? There was no pressure on him. No one was expecting anything. This is the problem with many Brazilian athletes: even when they have no chance to make it, they feel they are under pressure. With all due respect to him, what a wasted quota. Other athletes could have benefited a lot more from the Olympic experience.

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The fight for the gold medal is gonna be GOOD! Hancharou, Dong and Gao will be very close. 

Trampoline is really making up for predictable and boring competitions in Artistic Gymnastics som far. I would never think I could get so excited with trampoline gymnastics. 

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