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Junior Pan American Games 2021

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3 hours ago, intoronto said:

-Team sprint in track cycling for women will have 3 competitors, perhaps hinting at the future of this event in other MSES.

I think it's common practice these days. For example at last week Junior ECh also were 3-person Women's Sprint Teams. Even that track was 400m long instead of 250m so last girl had to ride 1200m instead of 750m. In Polish team that last girl was Nikola Wielowska who isn't even a sprinter (she won medals in Omnium, Scratch and Madison) ;) 

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Alright, PanAm Sports sent out a release today, here’s a summary:    The Colombian government officially confirmed their support for the Games today. Official dates of September 9-19

So...the age categories vary by sport it seems. Sailing is U23, while Swimming is U22, while Modern Pentathlon is U21, while Fencing is U20, while Taekwondo is 20-17, while Artistic Swimming is 19-15,

According to the quota allocation, only Sprint will be contested.

16 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:


Well, where to start?


I enjoyed most of the qualification procedures and quota distribution, but some federations where rather obscure (like bowling) or plainly imprecise (boxing, wrestling but that doesn't surprise).


Here are some things I would have modified:


- Artistic Swimming: Team Event? Crap. Should have consider duets only, both women and mixed (32 quotas in all)


- Archery: Should have cut the 2 athletes "team" event in recurve, and have a 16 in recurve (max. 6 nocs with 2 archers) and a 12 compound(max. 4 nocs with 2 competitors) individual competitions, put the mixed teams.


- Badminton: Just add men's and women's doubles.


- Sprint Canoeing: Remove the K4 events. Have 7 boats for the C2/K2 races, plus an additional athlete for each C1/K1 event; if my math is not failing then we should have 36 athletes per gender.


- BMX Racing: Plain stupid not to include the Freestyle event when it was competed in Lima. The race with 19 individuals? I doubt this number will be filled in the women's event; just keep it at 16 (max. 6 nocs with 2 riders).


- MTB: 32 riders in total, 16 per gender (max. 6 nocs with 2 riders) instead of 20.


- Road Cycling: Why just cut the women's field by just one athlete? Second, I'd like to see less of a "team" and have a max. 3 individuals per NOC in the road race and only 1 in the time trial. Assign the discarded quotas in the other cycling disciplines and have an equal number of riders (36) per gender: 6 NOC's with 3 riders, 6 with 2 and the rest awarded to individuals.


- Track Cycling: Again, if UCI decided to give a vote for equality, the difference in men's and women's quotas doesn't make sense, and neither that at least one rider would have to compete in both "sprint" and "endurance" as the maximum number of competitors is 6 for each sex. As for the events, I'd throw out Team Sprint and Team Pursuit, and have a 36 per gender field:16 - max 6 nations with 2 riders - competing in sprint and keirin, 8 teams for Madison and 4 additional individuals for the Omnium.


- Equestrian: Being a U-23 event you'd think they could at least add Show Jumping to the mix, with individual and team events, the later to compensate the lack of representation of the other disciplines.  36 quotas: 8 NOC's with three riders to compete in both events, all other countries a max of 2 entries.


- Fencing: Keep the number of events and the quota number, but allow 4 countries in each event to have a second fencer.



-Golf: 20 players per gender, max 8 NOC's with 2 competitors.


- Artistic Gymnastics: 57 men and women? Excesive imo. Take out the team events and have 42 participants per gender: 8 NOC's with 3 athletes, 6 NOC's with 2 and 6 with a single one.


- Trampoline Gymnastics: Add one of the discarded quotas from gymnastics in each gender. Make it 6 pairs in synchro, plus 2 individuals.


- Hockey: If Handball got invited, why should Hockey be left out? Nonsense.


- Modern Pentathlon: Cut 4 quotas in each gender, then give 2 quotas to the best 8 NOC's at the last Jr PanAm Championships, plus 4 individuals.


- Racquetball: 16 competitors per gender: 6 NOC's with 2 athletes (individuals and doubles) plus 4 NOC's with 1 competitor.


- Rowing: Remove the boats with 4 rowers. For each gender, have 8 boats in 2x & 2- (32 men & 32 women) plus another 10 in the single scull competitions.


- Rugby 7's: Take out indoor volleyball and assign those quotas to this sport.


- Sailing: Cut 2 quotas in each Laser events and give them to a mixed boat, along with 12 additional quotas.


- Shooting: Add individual and mixed team trap events, 12 additional quotas for both genders (max 2 athletes per NOC).


- Skateboarding: Add 8 athletes for Park events to keep in line with IOC.


- Sports Climbing: 12 athletes per gender, a limit of 4 NOC's with 2 athletes.


- Squash: Remove the team events and 8 quotas per gender, and leave draws with 16 singles and 8 doubles.


- Surfing: 16 per gender in Open events and a limit of 6 NOC's with 2 competitors in each.


- Table Tennis: Teams of 2? What a joke. Have 12 NOC's with 2 players (for individual and doubles) and another 8 spots for the individual and mixed doubles (if possible) competitions.


- Triathlon: What an uninventive irrelevant qualification method. Have 8 teams for the mixed relay (16 athletes in each gender) plus another 8 spots for the individual races.


- Indoor Volley: give chance to other sports.


- Beach Volley: Add 4 men and 4 women pairs.


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