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Commonwealth Games 2022


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On 5/27/2022 at 12:45 AM, nitinsanker said:

commonwealth Games is becoming such a farce 


what is the purpose of any multigame event ......  I believe it is to foster sports , participation and interest in all the countries which form the nations which are part of the nations involved .... There are 70 odd participants to the games ( but look closely and you will find there are only53 countries in the commonwealth so all the rest are overseas territories  or Ok adding isle of man and jersey as seperate team )


so  lets look at the 53 countries 


an africa group which includes kenya , uganda , whose primary interest would be athletics 

a carribean group like jamaica, bahamas etc whose primary interest would be athletics 




so possibly 15 -20 odd countries who would have a wider interest in a multigames program which would be divided into 


the core dominion countries - UK , Australia , canada and NZ 

Large african countries - Nigeria , SA 

South asian cluster  - India, Pakistan , bangladesh srilanka 

SEA cluster  - singapore , malaysia 



now let us look at the sports they have increased medals in or cut in the last 20  years  ( last 5 games ) 


They  have cut shooting 40 to 0 where india dominated , but also the sole medal winner for bangladesh 


They have cut wrestling from 14 to 0  where it was a sport where india dominated and nigeria did well and so did pakistan ( this took a lot of effort as they had to change the whole framework as 


they have reduced the weightlifting medals from 45 to 15  a sport where india dominates but the smaller oceanic countries like soma, fiji , etc did well in, also pakistan and srilanka get a majority of their medals . I am seeing this as the next target as this is a sport the dominion do badly at and other countries somoa , india and nigeria do well at  


so cut  a 100 medals here 


what sports have they increased or added 


aquatics gone up from 48 to an incredible 66 ...... this event is almost wholly dominated by the dominion 4 and SA 


cycling gone up from 15 to 26 ...... the event is almost wholely dominated by the dominion 4 


lawn bowls gone up from 6 to 11 again a sport dominated by the dominion 4 


gymnastics gone up from 15 to 20 odd adding rhythmic gymnastics again a sport dominated by the dominion 4 + cyprus 


judo has been added by UK and dropped by Aus every time a desperate ping pong in sport of 14 medals again dominated by UK \


Para atheletics around 10-12 events carefully selected to reflect the dominion 4 only 11 /12 medals only by them 


triatholon and squash with 10 or so medals have been added which are events where all the gold medals are won by the dominion 4 


so added a 80 odd  medals here 


so if you add the athletics program of 60 or so , , almost 200 medals out of 270 or so ( 75% comes in just 6 sports .with the new changes l ) ...... 5 out of these 6 sports almost exclusively the dominion of the 5 dominion countries .........and you cut a 100 medals in sports like weightlifting , wrestling and shooting where  non dominion countries did well in and completely dropped shooting and wrestling pretty much mainstay programs 


if india protests it is a fair protest  ....... this is turning into a dominion games.... of interest of only the 4 dominion countries and possibly SA ........ so go ahead you are killing interest in the CWG  in all countries except the 4 dominion countries and SA ............ anyway  commonwealth para games , commonwealth youth games , cCWG winter games are already killed  .......very soon the main CWG will die or you convert them  into a quadrilateral games and drop the multigames tag 















An expressions of interest process for additional sports to be included in the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games has commenced and will involve submissions from international sporting federations with support from recognised or affiliated Australian organisations. The period for consideration will close on 19 August.

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What a horrible time to host the games. THe Winter Paralympics just finish 2 days before then. Guaranteed no CBC there and that likely means Canadians will need to watch on some app (lol)

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On 5/27/2022 at 3:42 PM, Mkbw50 said:

But should you be able to change for one event only? Imagine an Italian footballer with French connections who decides as :ITA did not qualify for the World Cup he will switch to :FRA for one tournament, then switch back

That's called Rugby League

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On 7/5/2022 at 9:57 PM, intoronto said:\


Judo entry list. Note: :NIR is listed as :IRL and all the "home nations" are grouped under :GBR  

Broadly correct, though I'll add that NI is also a Home Nation and the seven NI judoka are both ROI (five) and UK (two) registered w.r.t. IJF affiliation. Even the Hawkes sisters represent one or the other in standard IJF competitions.

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On 7/4/2022 at 3:03 PM, intoronto said:

Not that they had any medal chances, but Canada is sending a mixed A and B team for the field hockey competitions.

Both teams? The men have literally nothing else to do this year.

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5 hours ago, LDOG said:

Both teams? The men have literally nothing else to do this year.

Yea the men's team has a lot of people earning their first caps. Couple of the veterans on the team such as Kindler and Smythe were left off.

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