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Commonwealth Games 2022


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8 minutes ago, phelps said:

probably they're less expensive than US and Canadian...:whistle:


and more comprehensible to the international audience than Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans (the worst of them all)...:rolleyes:

Just look at the ones the IOC get to do biathlon, ski jumping etc.

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53 minutes ago, Grassmarket said:

Can I point out that CWG judges come from all the nations in that sport not just CW nations? I guess it’s possible that they were intimidated by a threatening audience  of 10 year old girls, though.

Sure, the judges know they were all eager to sing "God Save the Queen".

Seriously, I'm always baffled that Great Britain, and England, always receive huge scores with okay (but not spectacular) routines when events are hosted in the nation. It was exactly the same in 2015 when GBR won the women's artistic gymnastics team bronze medal. Guess what? The World Championships will be in England this year. I think GBR will comfortably win a team medal again no matter what the other nations do. 

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Currently 36 nations have at least one medal. Throw in the five which are guaranteed a medal in boxing ( :BOT :GHA :MOZ :NIU :ZAM ) and that brings us up to 41 nations, just two short of the 43 nations that won in 2018. There's still a bunch of opportunities for nations to win medals in athletics plus Rwanda and Vanuatu have chances in beach volleyball.

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Diving: Harper 2nd with 274.60, Rollinson 6th with 237.50 to qualify for the final.

Wrestling: Kooner won his first match by VSU (13-3), before beating :SLE Mohamed Bundu by VFA 4-1. He lost his semifinal to :PAK Zaman Anwar by VFA 5-0. Ramm won his first match by VPO (3-0), before beating :NAM Jason Shannon Afrikaner by VPO 7-0. He lost his semifinal to :IND Bajrang Punia by VSU 10-0. Eslami won his first match by VPO1 (6-4) before losing his quarterfinal to :RSA Edward Lessing by VSU (10-0). Barnes lost her match by VFA 10-0. Clossick lost her match by VSU 10-0. Ramm beat :NRU Lowe Bingham by 11-0 on VSU to win bronze, while Barnes lost by VPO1 9-4 to :CMR Berthe Emilenne Etane Ngolle. Kooner beat :MRI Kensley Anthony Marie by VFA 4-0 to win bronze too.

Athletics and Para Athletics: Kendall 6th with 42.09m in the Discus Throw earning 707 points. Snowden qualified in 2nd with a time of 4:16.09. Ugen qualified 2nd in her group with 6.79, while Sawyers qualified third in hers with 6.80, ahead of Irozuru who qualified without meeting the mark with 6.59 SB. Kendall 5th with 4.40 PB and 731 points in the Pole Vault. Lincoln won bronze with 20.57. Hughes won his heat in 20.32 to qualify, while Gemili missed out in 4th in 20.97. Ohuruogu won her semifinal in 51.00 qualifying alongside Pipi in third in 51.95. Williams also qualified in third in 51.98 SB. Kendall third in the javelin throw with 59.90 PB and 736 points. Gold for Maguire in 3:11.83 ahead of Sidbury who won silver in 3:12.15. Bronze for Metzger with a 14.37 PB. Hudson-Smith won his heat to qualify in 45.77. Kendall came 2nd in the decathlon in 4:50.22 earning 617 points, finishing 6th with 7480 points overall. Bird won silver in 9:17.79 PB.

Table Tennis: Liu beat Ho 4-0. Drinkhall/Pitchford won their Round of 16 match 3-0, and Jarvis/Walker also won their Round of 16 match 3-0. Bardsley/Bolton won their Round of 32 match 3-0. Drinkhall beat Khawaja 4-0, while Walker beat Farley 4-0 and Pitchford beat Wong 4-1. In the Quarterfinals, Pitchford and Ho lost to :IND Sharath Kamal Achanta/Sreeja Akula 3-2 while Jarvis and Bardsley lost to :AUS Nicholas Lum and Minhyung Jee 3-0. Drinkhall and Pitchford beat :NGR Amadi Omeh/Olajide Omotayo 3-0, while Jarvis/Walker lost 3-0 to :IND Sharath Kamal Achanta/Sathiyan Gnanasekaran. Ho and Tsaptsinos won by 3-0 walkover. In the Round of 16 Men's Singles, Drinkhall beat :SGP Zhe Yu Lawrence Chew 4-0, Walker beat :CAN Jeremy Hazin 4-0 and Pitchford beat :SGP Yew En Koen Pang 4-0.

Diving: Gold for England in the synchronised springboard final with 438.33 points. Rollinson won bronze with 272.00 ahead of Harper in 7th with 254.50. Lee/Williams won gold with 429.78 ahead of Cutmore/Kothari in 4th with 391.35.

Lawn Bowls and Para Lawn Bowls: The Men's Fours Team beat :MAS 16-10 while in their semifinal the Women's Pairs team beat :NZL 19-12. The Para mixed pairs team beat :AUS 14-11 to win bronze. The Men's Fours team lost 13-12 to :IND in the semifinal but the women's triples team beat :MAS 17-9 to earn gold.

Squash: Willstrop and James won their match 2-0. Waller and Selby won their match 2-1. Perry and Waters won their match 2-0. Kennedy and Turmel lost 2-0. Waters and Waller won their match 2-1.

Badminton: Penty beat Smith 2-0, while Redfearn lost 2-0 to Yeo. Hemming and Pugh won their match 2-0. Ellis and Smith also won their match 2-0. Birch and Smith won 2-0.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Gold with 112.300 for Ekimova, 11th with 103.600 for Leaper.

Beach Volleyball: The Bellos won 2-1, but Grimson and Mumby lost 2-0.

Hockey: A 0-0 (2-0) win over :NZL.

As now we come across the world
To share these Games of old
Let all the flags of every land
In brotherhood unfold

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