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[OFF TOPIC] Coronavirus Pandemic


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6 hours ago, Olympian1010 said:

Man, China is losing sports event be left and right. This is also shows the massive amount of money China has invested in sports. It’s crazy honestly.

Yeah, the LPL (League of Legends pro league) has postponed week 2 of the league indefinitely and that league has a lot poured into it. The league much like traditional sport is franchised and has high production value and viewership. A lot of money as been put into this stuff.

The league of legends world championship will also be in China this year.

The Overwatch League will have 11 events in China and 13 in Asia altogether. Who knows what'll happen to those. And Overwatch League is another esports league with lots money attached to it.

They've invested lots into esports and sports in general so it sucks to see that come to a grinding halt.

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1 hour ago, dcro said:

All of a sudden there seem to be 20k infected. :mumble: 12k of which are classified under "suspected" though.


Which means they don't count as infected (yet) :p 


Official numbers, for what they're worth, are most likely passing through 8k today.

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two slovaks (30) and (40) yearso old mens were hospitalized at night with symptoms of coronavirus. the other two will be evacuated directly from China soon.

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