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Luge FIL World Championships 2020

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Well, Nagler and Malleier now know what not to do for the main event later on  

Speed readings appear to be below useless here in Sochi.

Last championships with no German gold were held in 1978.   Just putting it out there.

Very good results in the sprint qualification for our youngster duo Rieder/Kainzwalder, 2nd place for their! Let's hope that they will repete it in the real race...

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Sprint Race Qualifications

Sliders advancing to the Finals

women's Singles

1 :RUS Demchenko, Viktoriia 31.325
2 :RUS Katnikova, Ekaterina 31.337
3 :RUS Ivanova, Tatyana 31.398
4 :GER Taubitz Julia 31.455
5 :GER Berreiter, Anna 31.473
6 :LAT Aparjode, Kendija 31.499
7 :LAT Zirne, Ulla 31.525
8 :RUS Mikhaylenko, Olesya 31.555
9 :USA Farquharson, Ashley 31.558
10 :USA Britcher, Summer 31.594
11 :LAT Cauce, Eliza 31.613
12 :GER Rosenthal, Cheyenne 31.635
13 :AUT Egle, Madeleine 31.639
14 :SUI Maag, Natalie 31.648
15 :ITA Hofer, Verena 31.708

men's Singles

1 :LAT Aparjods, Kristers 35.074
2 :RUS Pavlichenko, Semen 35.164
3 :AUT Gleirscher, David 35.195
4 :RUS Gorbatcevich, Aleksandr 35.234
5 :AUT Mueller, Jonas 35.240
6 :RUS Aravin, Maksim 35.248
7 :AUT Kindl, Wolfgang 35.272
8 :ITA Fischnaller, Dominik 35.289
9 :RUS Repilov, Roman 35.404
10 :SVK Ninis, Jozef 35.423
11 :ITA Fischnaller, Kevin 35.432
12 :GER Loch, Felix 35.455
12 :GER Bley, Sebastian 35.455
14 :LAT Rozitis, Riks Kristens 35.472
15 :AUT Egger, Reinhard 35.515



1 :GER Eggert, Toni/Benecken, Sascha 31.280
2 :ITA Rieder, Emanuel/Kainzwaldner, Simon 31.446
3 :RUS Yuzhakov, Vladislav/Prokhorov, Iurii 31.452
4 :LAT Sics, Andris/Sics, Juris 31.453
5 :AUT Mueller, Yannick/Frauscher, Armin 31.487
6 :USA Mazdzer, Chris/Terdiman, Jayson 31.552
7 :LAT Gudramovics, Oskars/Kalnins, Peteris 31.559
8 :RUS Denisev, Aleksandr/Antonov, Vladislav 31.564
9 :ITA Nagler, Ivan/Malleier, Fabian 31.573
10 :GER Wendl, Tobias/Arlt, Tobias 31.583
11 :LAT Putins, Kristens/Marcinkevics, Imants 31.605
12 :GER Geueke, Robin Johannes/Gamm, David 31.661
13 :RUS Kashkin, Vsevolod/Korshunov, Konstantin 31.676
14 :POL Chmielewski, Wojciech Jerzy/Kowalewski, Jakub 31.896
15 :ITA Rieder, Ludwig/Rastner, Patrick 31.988


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This event will be a joke. :yikes:


Canada is apparently completely skipping this. In fact, most WC stages of this season have had more entries than we'll see in Sochi this weekend. :yikes:

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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looking at this qualification races (and at all the training runs of the past 2 days), it seems that this year Germany won't have a very good least in both singles' events (and possibly in the team Relay)...


the doubles races, instead, are only Eggert/Benecken to lose...they look to slide on another planet...


for Italy, D-Fisch and Rieder/Kainzwaldner way better than expected...hope they can steal a couple of medals...

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1 minute ago, dcro said:

This event will be a joke. :yikes:


Canada is apparently completely skipping this. In fact, most WC stages of this season have had more entries than we'll see in Sochi this weekend. :yikes:


it's in know...politics...:facepalm:


and however, we all know that the Sochi track technically always produce farcical races because of the temperatures and the awful ice conditions...we can't expect it to have changed from the recent past...

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24 minutes ago, phelps said:


it's in know...politics...:facepalm:

Canada has also pretty much skipped non-Russian events and they've been very clear about the reason since the beginning: the team is extremely young and they don't want to make the mistake of bringing them under too much pressure too fast. Walker/Snith could have been there though, but the whole Canadian luge program has been having major financial struggles, so I doubt they wanted to spend too much for one doubles team to go there.

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