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1 hour ago, phelps said:


maybe it's true...and also calling a strike in a factory doesn't change anything...:evil:


but a ballgame boycotted after another, a strike called every single day in every factory maybe could have an impact sooner or later...


it's always a little ball of snow rolling down the mountain that starts an avalanche...:whistle:


1 hour ago, Grassmarket said:

Indeed it will. Soon the factory goes out if business & all grievances are automatically resolved.


Yeah, sooner or later owners will demand the money back if there is zero play or let's say next season is in danger of being boycotted/cancelled too. In what business you are getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing?


Entertainment is a slippery ground, sports is one of the top branches there, you begin to feel the need for it once it's gone.


Btw, how many Hollywood TV shows or movies are getting cancelled due to BLM boycotts? My guess is ZERO? Go and figure. These Hollwyood actors are oh-so liberal and progressive but not when it comes to their own job. You ain't gonna hear Tom Cruise boycotting the Mission Impossible franchise anytime soon. Or Ben Affleck quitting the Batman job! :p

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It's finally opening day! So let me get in on the predictions as well.   A.L East   x's mark playoff teams   1. Yankees (x): Should be clear division favourites. Added ar

it looks that this proposal was immediately taken with great enthusiasm by players...

Here are my predictions:   AL EAST Yankees Rays Red Sox Blue Jays Orioles   AL CENTRAL Indians Twins White Sox Royals Tigers 

First strike of day for games that were scheduled to go ahead.


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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair” - Nelson Mandela

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12 hours ago, Monzanator said:

The NL playoffs will be played in Arlington as well. There's already talk the NL team in the World Series will have a clear advantage over the AL team.

imho, that's pure bullshit...


in a season where the NL had to play with the AL rules (DH) all year long despite not having rosters built for that, they're only trying to find an excuse for when they're going to be thrashed out only because NL teams are stronger...:whistle: :nopompom:

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