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Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Cup 2020

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I wouldn't say that being out of China last month was wasting time.

Chinese gymnasts who are going to compete this stage arrived in Doha at the end Feb. They lost the opportunity to compete in Melbourne due to the travel ban, so this time they planed very early. And t

Yes. There's no easy way out of this mess now. In my opinion, prize money and medals should be distributed based on the results of qualifications. Not the ideal scenario, but it's still better than no

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8 hours ago, thepharoah said:

@thiago_simoes do u see any chance for Ali Zahran to qualify to Olympics in Rings? 

Nope, unless FIG revamps their entire qualification system.

In fact, I've been thinking about a system that still be fair amidst this whole crisis, and I believe something like this could work:

First, do away with 2 extra gymnasts per nation. Reduce it to only 1 extra gymnast per nation. Then, apply the following rules:
A) Top 8 teams at the 2019 World Championships: 1 extra quota
B) All around: 1 quota to best 3 nations in all-around competition at the 2019 World Championships, except if extra quota has already been received as one of the top 8 teams. Selection based on individual performances during qualification.
C) Apparatus: 1 each top qualifier at the WC series as it currently is. Only applies if nation has not qualified an extra gymnast otherwise.
D) Tripartite invitation: 1 quota
E) Continental participation: 0-1 quota (this only applies if all 5 continents are not represented otherwise)
F) Wildcard: 0-1 quota (preference for host country, if extra quota has not been received otherwise)


This would generate the following results:

Men's qualifiers:
E) None
F) :GRE 

Women's qualifiers:


E) None

Not the ideal scenario, but this would make for excellent performances at the Olympics.

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So, Petrounias wants the qualifications for Baku World Cup to count as finals, and he thinks he can still outscore Liu Yang.

Excerpt from a recent interview for the International Gymnast website:


IG: You were in a good position to win in Baku before the finals were canceled. What is your perspective on the disappointing circumstances, and especially how they affect your plans to qualify for Tokyo?

EP: Yes, it is true that I am in very good shape and the 15.10 (score in qualifications) isn’t the best score I can get. I really believe I can do better. With a stuck dismount it can be 15.30-plus! I think the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) has to count this qualification as a final because it was the closest competition to a final. Otherwise they have to organize a new World Cup in order for the athletes who are chasing the Olympic ticket to have the right chance. After that I think it will not impact my plans because we’re still on the road to Tokyo and the dream is alive.

IG: Considering the recent changes to the FIG schedule because of the pandemic, which competitions do you hope to attend in the coming months, and what will you need in terms of points and wins to qualify for Tokyo?

EP: As I said, if Baku counts, I need one more win in Doha (World Cup of Doha, originally set for March 18-21 but rescheduled to June 3-6). I will be there to get what I deserve and have worked for, in order to go to Tokyo and defend my title on rings. I’m ready for it.

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The all-around World Cup in Birmingham has been canceled. This means that the all-around world cup series cannot serve as one of the qualifying stages for the Olympics anymore.

EDIT: I had the wrong version of the document. The correct version is clear about the qualification rules.

The qualifiers are:
Women (+1 quota): :USA :CHN :RUS 
Men (+1 quota): :RUS :CHN :JPN 


Edited by thiago_simoes
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If the continental championships are canceled too, the rules are confusing and kind of up for debate, but from I understand the eligible qualifiers would be, in order:


Seojeong :KOR 

Bachynska :UKR

Magistrati :ARG 

Kaeslin :SUI 

Schermann :HUN 

Fidelis :BRA 

Nedov :AUS 
Crisan :ROU 
Gutierrez :MEX 



Mussayev :KAZ 
Dolgopyat :ISR 
Mozzato :ITA 
Borello :FRA 
Jessen :CZE 
Schmidt :NED 
Gonzalez :CHI 
Muntean :ROU 
Van den Keybus :BEL 

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Artistic gymnastics will finally be back. The first and last official event in FIG's calendar after start of the COVID-19 pandemic is the Szombathely World Cup, which will be held from October 2 to 4. Gymnasts from the following nations are set to compete: :ALB:AUT:BEL:BUL:CRO:CZE:GER:HUN:KAZ:POL:ROU:SLO:SRB:SVK:UKR

This could realistically be Albania's best shot at a medal in international competition with Matvei Petrov (especially on the pommel horse). Not many big names are going to compete. Filip Ude (Croatia), Marian Dragulescu (Romania) and Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) are former Olympics medalists and the most well-known gymnasts here. Boglarka Devai (Hungary), Teja Belak (Slovenia), Tin Srbic (Croatia) and Robert Seligman (Croatia) are also kind-of-big names.

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1 hour ago, thiago_simoes said:

World Cup

You mean World Challenge Cup :)

1 hour ago, thiago_simoes said:

Artistic gymnastics will finally be back.

If Hungary opens its borders by then.

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9 hours ago, Vojthas said:

You mean World Challenge Cup :)

Yes, you're right. In the end, they're just about the same thing, though. FIG just decided to keep the name World Cup for their category A events, while their category B events were all renamed to World Challenge Cup. Even on their website they list the results for the WC and WCC under the same label. Why create a new and exciting event while they could just split the World Cup circuit and rebrand half of it as a new competition? Typical from FIG to take the easy way out.

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On 09/09/2020 at 00:59, thiago_simoes said:

This could realistically be Albania's best shot at a medal in international competition with Matvei Petrov (especially on the pommel horse).

I was right. :thumbup:



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