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Weightlifting 2020 Discussion Thread

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Not very confident of games happening next year but yeah I'll be shocked if Don Opeloge of Samoa doesn't win an Olympic medal in Men's 96kg if it happens next year. Hope he can win the Olympic Gold too if few athletes don't end up participating. 


P. S: Great current form should be able to lift 400kg + easily 

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Excuse us please...    

Chinese weightlifting team held internal competition, athletes did not lose weight.   Live Streaming:

I read the whole report, this pictures Tamas Ajan as devil himself while I agree with that, I wonder why nobody stopped this devil in past 45 years ?! hard to believe nobody in IOC/WADA/etc knew how

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6 minutes ago, Fly_like_a_don said:

So she's representing Qatar now? 


I don't think so Qatar even doesn't go with international women athletes like Bahrain, I don't know if the Latvian federation is OK with her competing wearing hijab or not,  she had been asked many times if she'll continue competing or but she didn't answer so let's wait and see,  BTW 90% of Egyptian lifters wearing hijab and they win a world and Olympic medals so she can continue competing wearing hijab no problem 

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10 hours ago, MHSN said:

@Vic Liu Do you know anything about Chen Lijun's injury ? I was watching the replay of Chinese Nationals and it looked like a serious injury. will he miss the Olympics ? his gold medal in Tokyo was something like 99% guaranteed

I don't know too much about his injury. I found no news about his injury after the game. So I think it's not a major one more like a normal one. 

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