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Modern Pentathlon 2020 Discussion Thread

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Two time Olympian, World and European Championships medalist, Chair of the UIPM Athletes Commission Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy has written a book for children about a soldier in whose honor modern pentathlon was created. E-book in English is downloadable for free today and tomorrow.

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43 minutes ago, dcro said:

36 show jumping rounds in 20 minutes? What the hell?


15 min fencing??? Is it mass fencing (aka everyone stabbing everyone)?

Perhaps the idea is there are at least 2 semis (each 90 mins)semis & then a final.  So like three football matches in one day?   I’m guessing less than 36 competitors as well.

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@Vektor- you are from one of only two privileged nations to have tested the new format and you are the one to ask? :)

It's three semifinals with 12 athletes each and from that comes 12 finalists.

- Round robin fencing being held, as it is now at big events, a day before everything and counting for the rest of the competition, as I understand.

- Riding with less obstacles (to make it shorter) and it starts with it so that the longest warm-up would not be between the events.

- Swimming in a "cool small pool" :p@hckosice - yes, indeed, it looks cool, it was in Budapest at the World Champs and it makes quite an impressive view - the problem is it's provisional, so only one official photoreporter was allowed to come to make photos (that's not very "media friendly")

- Fencing would be just the bonus round - I read the point value in that would be increased as it's one point for victory now and athletes don't really want to start in it, but they introduced a rule that they won't be allowed to take part in other events if they don't take part - which is the only such case in the whole pentathlon.

- Laser-run would be shorter with 600 m lap only - maybe a better balance, but possibly fewer interesting chases down the course.


And most of the warm-ups are dramatically shortened - it's 20 minutes for swimming now (and you have much more time to change clothes), with ten minutes of break between warm-up and start of the first heat (to change from warm-up to competition suit), and there is a swimming cool-down after the session. In fencing it's 30 minutes now (usually bonus round is either held right after the round robin or at bigger events quite a time after swimming), and there is 27 minutes of laser-run warm up (starting quite close to the finish of the last rider, which causes him or her to lose some of that time to change from riding to running clothes) with a three-minute long break before the start to set the order at the start line.

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