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Road Cycling 2020 Discussion Thread

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There was a vote among teams whether to continue riding or not. Eleven voted in favour of continueing, five wanted to stop. Bahrain McLaren wanted to continue, but then was the only team to withdraw.


As we say in the Netherlands: "It's a strange sport, this cycling."

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Finally they have arrived.   "These trading cards will be worth almost nothing someday." - T. Skujins. Nevertheless, this my first signed item from an actual Olympian.  

The start of the 2021 Tour de France has been brought forward to 26 June to allow cyclists to take part in the Tokyo Olympics with its Mount Fuji road race.

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But first, at 11:00 CET, there is a Zwift race by the Alpecin-Fenix team. The course is 27,6km long and goes on the virtual Richmond world championships roads. Link of participants can be found here:


And the live stream is here:


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2 hours ago, dcro said:

How can they ride in a peleton with no slipstream? That must be annoying as hell. :p


Zwift actually has rather strong slipstreaming modelled into it, apparently breakaways making it (especially solo) are very rare :p 


Probably one of the main reasons why the pro cyclists didn't get anywhere near the experienced Zwift riders today, they just threw their energy around instead of saving it in the peloton.

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