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Baseball 2020 Discussion Thread

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so, after the end of the MLB season, we have still quite some high class Baseball to watch...


Yesterday, the KBO (top tier Korean Pro League) ended their Regular Season (full 144 games schedule :yikes:) and Today it's already playoff time with the Wild Card series...


this is the final RS standing (please, note that in the same page also the daily games' results -with live scoring- are shown):


the usual Korean playoffs format is quite different from the ones we're used to know, so it's worth a quick recap...


5 teams enter the playoffs table, the 4th and 5th ranked play against each other in a best-of-3 wild card series...the winner of this series plays against the 3rd ranked in a best-of-5 series...then, the winner of this second round plays against the 2nd ranked of the RS in a best-of-7 series and finally, the 3rd round winners face the RS champions (this year: the NC Dinos of Changwon) in the best-of-7 Korean Series...


so, this year's wild card series is played by the 4th ranked, LG Twins of Seoul, facing the 5th ranked of the RS (and runner-up of last year's League), the Kiwoom Heroes of Seoul...


game #1 was officially rained out and now game #2 (which is actually the first played by the 2 teams) is running...


for those interested, here you can watch it live for free (the game is shown also on ESPN in the US and on ESPN Player -paid service- around Europe and the rest of the world...I'm not sure in how many Countries EP is actually available)...

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