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Men's Football CAF African Cup of Nations 2021


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9 minutes ago, Federer91 said:

Oh man, and i missed all the fun :lol: Apparently after 20 minutes had passed, an official stormed Mali's  press conference and had them go back to play the last 3 minutes again. They went back, but nobody from Tunisia came out and they just waited out the time. 


And to think that officials at the top have decided that this guy is amongst their best referees and invited him at their biggest event and he twice ends the match before the regular time has passed. :toast:


Well, this guy was the referee for Poland vs Japan at the 2018 World Cup. It's worth noticing Tunisia beat Zambia in World Cup playoffs so perhaps he was getting his revenge today. The Tunisia handball penalty was only given after VAR and it was more obvious than the Mali handball penalty.

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5 hours ago, Monzanator said:

I don't speak Arabic but the commentator sounds dissapointed :lol:



kind of interesting that commentator realized what just happened. I mean if I was the commentator I would be confused at least for few seconds to see what that whistle was about. but he knew it instantly and saying something like "oh my dear, oh my dear" in a very funny tune :p looks like something like that happened in Africa before. he wasn't really surprised.

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Mama Africa ! :cheerlieconfused::wall:


Such things happen always and only in Africa :stop:because of the corruption inside CAF the refereeing quality is bad...:thumbdown:


Tunisian players were already showering and preparing to leave, :swimming:while the captain was writing the technical reserve.:evil:.. there was no sign play was gonna be resumed:dunno:


Apparently the referee had a sunstroke :stars: he seemed not OK:crazy: at all even when he was going towards the VAR he was running in the wrong way 😂😂 even his decisions were wrong :redcard:


At the 80th min he already showed to the 4th assistant🖐 5 min of extratime. I bet in his clockwatch he had 90 min i guess 😂😂😂 that s why 5 min later he blew the whistle..


If you count the VAR stops, the cooling breaks, the 9 substitutions, at least there were 7 to 10 minutes to add as extratime. :facepalm:


Hopefully there is VAR in this edition otherwise we would have seen more robberies ...  :whistle:


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