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Men's Ski Jumping FIS Four Hills Tournament 2019 - 2020

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8 minutes ago, Gianlu33 said:

Maybe he just confirmed the statistics :p

All athletesletes that won the Four Hills with a Grand Slam have a strikes of 5 wins in a row (Hannawald in 2001/2002, Stoch in 2017/2018 and now Kobayashi)

If anyone can be the first ever with six consecutive wins.... :d 

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So... How many athletes have won all four hills in one calendar year? Kobayashi just completed that now.

Sven Hannawald 2002

Posted Images

4 Hills Tournament

Stage 2 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

KO Round Starting Order


Q Athlete Pairing Athlete Q
26 :GER Pius PASCHKE 1 Romani KOUDELKA :CZE  25
27 :JPN Keiichi SATO 2 Junshiro KOBAYASHI :JPN  24
28 :RUS Evgeniy KLIMOV 3 Anze LANISEK :SLO 


29 :GER Philipp RAIMUND 4 Jan HOERL :AUT 22
30 :POL Maciej KOT   5 Robert JOHANSSON :NOR  21
31 :JPN Naoki NAKAMURA 6 Timi ZAJC :SLO  20
32 :SUI Simon AMMANN 7 Daniel HUBER :AUT 19
33 :POL Stefan HULA 8 Daniel Andre TANDE :NOR  18
34 :GER Martin HAMANN 9 Michael HAYBOECK :AUT  17
35 :NOR Marius LINDVIK 10 Piotr ZYLA :POL  16
36 :CAN Mackenzie BOYD-CLOWES 11 Domen PREVC :SLO  15
37 :GER Luca ROTH 12 Killian PEIER :SUI 14
38 :NOR Robin PEDERSEN 13 Constantin SCHMID :GER  13
39 :CZE Viktor POLASEK 14 Stephan LEYHE :GER  12
40 :SLO Rok JUSTIN 15 Kamil STOCH :POL  11
41 :USA Kevin BICKNER  16 Dawid KUBACKI :POL  10
42 :AUT Clemens LEITNER 17 Johann Andre FORFANG :NOR  9
43 :JPN Taku TAKEUCHI 18 Daiki ITO :JPN  8
45 :NOR Anders HAARE 20 Yukiya SATO :JPN  6
46 :NOR Sondre RINGEN 21 Markus EISENBICHLER :GER  5
47 :ITA Federico CECON 22 Peter PREVC :SLO  4
48 :CZE Filip SAKALA 23 Ryoyu KOBAYASHI :JPN 3
50 :GER Moritz BAER  25 Karl GEIGER :GER  1


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The constant gate changing is the most infuriating thing. :wall: Every time a jumper makes a good jump, lower the gate... Like they want to take the fun out of the competition. Everybody wants to see big jumps, not "safe" jumps. How is it fair in a direct knockout, when Lindvik does his jump from one position, then Zyla gets a lower one when it's a head-2-head competition... 

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On 30/12/2019 at 09:59, heywoodu said:

If anyone can be the first ever with six consecutive wins.... :d 



.....but not to be.  :NOR newbie Lindvik follows up his hill record with a safe jump for the win, thanks to the Excel spreadsheet. :points:



Ryu-Kob holds on for overall lead. :champion:

Edited by Grassmarket
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14 minutes ago, Gianlu33 said:

4 sages, 8 jumps. At the end the sky jumper with most combined points won ;)


Four regular World Cups basically and indeed all points count.


One day before the competition there's the qualification, where the top-50 qualifies (the points of the qualification don't count towards the general standings, unlike in RAW Air, the 'new' tournament in Norway). In the competition, the athletes are paired based on qualifying results: 1 vs 50, 2 vs 49 and so on. The 25 winners of the head-to-head duels qualify for the final, plus the five best losers to get a total of 30 athletes.

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