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Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2019 - 2020

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3 hours ago, phelps said:

but when? and for what?


because I don't think there was a new draw in between every round...:mumble:


Why not? A draw can be performed immediately by the software. :p


I won't go searching for the rules, it was clear from her interview that Shiffrin (ranked 1) didn't pick her course but was assigned to the red course.

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Everyone else voted against the Italian Federation which is the only one that proposed to held the races with no spectators but the Italians used coronavirus to protect Brignone's lead. IQ=0.  

Paris had a crash in Kitz and is actually injured. He broke the right ACL . Paris's season is obliviously finish

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3 minutes ago, EselTheDonkey said:


I think Kilde had the better Chance anyway. Not that that makes Paris' injury any less sad. :(


Kilde doesn't have the consistency for me. Paris and to some extension Feuz are the only speedsters, who i think can medal in every DH or SG.  

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But then again, without Paris, other speedsters could gain more points in downhills and super gs, and become a bigger players for the big globe. EDIT: Well, mostly thinking about Kilde as well.


Kriechmayr or Mayer, can they become a threat?

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Kilde has the talent, but like Federer said, just not the consistency. Of course that can change with years, people improve after all, but at the moment he simply needs more than what he has (or shows).


Kriechmayr and Mayer also don't seem consistent enough (though more than Kilde I'd say) to really fight for the overall globe..

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16 minutes ago, EselTheDonkey said:

But Kilde and Mayer are much better in Giant Slalom than Paris or Feuz and can get many points in this disciplin or Maybe even parallel events

But especially for Kilde I'm not sure he is that much better that he can make up for all the speed points he loses. He definitely has the potential, but isn't there yet.

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