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Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2019

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And now for my personal view. Firstly, thank you @Wumo and @Agger for creating a wonderful event.


@Wumo forget about all those people, who do not appreciate hard work, and try not to beat yourself up too much. I personally know that it is highly impossible to organize such big contest, it is getting a lot of you, so I really appreciate all those who went up hosting also previous events. 


To :CHI delegation, wow, thank you so much, I was really surprised, that a song, sung in a completely different language. could "steal" 12 points. I can not remember, when did we ever get 12 pts (maybe with Tina ;)).


@dcro "thank you" for not awarding a song, performed by Croatian singer :p. I also did not put Maksim Mrvica on my list, because it reminded me too much on Croatian Eurovision songs (Vanna, Magazin,...).


@bestmen once again, amazing points presentation, congrats for that, thank you for your 11 points, whether you meant it for real or not, I don't care. :d

@Griff88 another surprise from a country I was not expecting to be awarded with 10 points. :)


Also thank you all others who voted for my song, thank you for your patience, cause I was among last to send my song and my votes.


Last, but not least, congratulations @heywoodu. This girl is simply amazing, she is a lot on Slovenian radio stations, but until now, I did not know, she comes from Netherlands. It is something unusual for a winning song getting also 12 points from myself. 


See you soon, in TAISC 2020. :cheer:

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Some very personal thoughts for someone's first time as host:   As first time host I did not really know what to expect. I had only previously been a spectator to one TISC and participated i

By the way, major applause for @Wumo. Might have made a mistake that kind of spoiled the total final result, but overall I think he did a great job and deserved a round of applause  

I have a confession to make.  I somehow forgot to make voting templates for the votes of the Danish Jury    You will get a very simplified presentation of the votes. 

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