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Surfing ISA World Games 2019


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On 14/09/2019 at 13:01, Laraja said:

European quota goes to Frederico Morais from :POR


A rainy and windy day in Japan today, so the competition ended early



The Asian quota is between the surfers from :JPN Shun Murakami and the :MON Rio Waida. They are at the same heat in Repechage Round 10.


As for the competition itself, on Round 7 the contenders are Gabriel Medina and ítalo Ferreira from :BRA and Kolohe Andino and Kelly Slater from :USA. They will fight for two spots at the Final.

Just learned about this, what a pity

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wow! I just learned that Sofia Mulanovich is a great veteran of the sport...she was pro world champion (when that league was named ASP) already in 2004...:yikes:


and she's already inducted into the Hall of Fame of Surfing and she also has her footprint stuck into the Walk of Fame of Surfing...:yikes:


moreover, her last win on the pro circuit dates back to 2009...since then, she's been no longer part of the regulars of the pro circuit...


so, her win in this world champ is something amazing...surely more than the ordinary gold medal from a WSL regular we had in the men's event...



p.s. :BRA Brazil also won the Team Title, ahead of the :USA USA and :JPN Japan...

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