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Artistic Gymnastics FIG World Championships 2019

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Olympic qualifiers: Team:    (qualified in 2018),            Qualified through the event finals: FX:  Artem Dolgopyat PH:  Rhys McClenagham,  Cyril Tommasone SR: 3 gymnasts (     c

@Sindo also must be so happy that thought to rename the forum as tottalgymnastics 

I have no words, Ibrahim Colak was my school-mate in the middle school, he was such a nice and humble guy, 5 years ago we could not imageine a world medal in gymnastics. He came 5th back in 2017 but l

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Đerek should be safe now. I had my doubts going into this, so I'm very happy to see her qualify.


Her last all-around competition was basically Rio Test Event. At the Olympics she had 0.000 vault (she literally climbed on top of it). Then last year she suffered brain concussion on vault training, after which she almost exclusively focused on floor and beam. Hopefully she will have more luck in Tokyo.

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Olympic qualification until now:

Event finals:
:KOR Yeo Seo-jeong
:ESP Roxana Popa


Host quota reallocation: :AZE

Only Finland, New Zealand and Singapore can still qualify individual gymnasts (or Brazil, if they fail to qualify a team, but in this case Spain would qualify a full team and one extra individual quota would be available). This means that from Switzerland until Peru everybody is assured an Olympic quota.

Singapore is very unlikely to qualify, what means that Chusovitina will almost certainly qualify through host quota reallocation (and if Brazil fails to qualify a team, Chinese Taipei will be given host quota reallocation while Uzbekistan will qualify directly).

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hace 7 minutos, thiago_simoes dijo:

Jade Barbosa is injured. We'll not qualify a team now. Oh, well... I kind of expected this to happen, but it's still painful to watch.


Lol these brazilian girls live injured.

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Brazil needs more than 40 pts on floor. I'm afraid it will be hard task, given that only the likes USA, Russia and France have scored more than 40.

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