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Summer Olympic Games 2020 Qualification Systems

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1 hour ago, Illya said:

Is the ISL (International Swimming League) will be a qualification event? Will the standards for the Olympics be met here?

I don't think so. Maybe @call me matt could give you a better answer about this.


But I have some info here:


From Qualification System - Standard entry times can only be achieved in competitions approved for that purpose by FINA during the qualification period from 1 st March 2019 to 27 th June 2021...


...FINA will establish a calendar with approved qualification events for individual entries. The calendar will be published on and updated occasionally until February 2021; it includes FINA World Championships; Continental Championships; Continental Qualification Events; National Championships and Trials and Qualification Events approved by FINA. At all qualifying events approved by FINA, only Referees and Starters on FINA Officials Lists are eligible. The timing system for the events must also be described by the Organiser.


Right now, there is not any swimming event confirmed on their website.


Also, a memo from FINA about the qualifying events. And two different links where they listed all previous and future qualifying events. (But, it seems not so well updated)


Link 1

Link 2



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no, the ISL is not a qualifying event, as they swim in the 25m pool (and they have also a format in which times are not officially recorded and displayed, unless a world record is swum)...

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