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Summer Olympic Games 2020 Qualification Systems

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16 minutes ago, EselTheDonkey said:


Cool, but I think these might still be the subject of conformation later this year. :mumble:

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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Il y a 1 heure , EselTheDonkey a déclaré:


Then, World Equestrian Games as the first Olympics qualifer (any sport), just like last time ?


Only 13 months to go :banana:

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On 6/15/2017 at 18:02, MHSN said:

I wonder how they want to determine the best team of Asia as an example. imagine all Asian teams got eliminated in 1st round. if they go with points ratio that would be quite unfair. because they won't face the same level of opponents ! China as host will be seeded and will get easier opponents.


Another option is having a mini tournament for the eliminated teams but that most probably won't happen.


well FIBA published the whole competition system for the World Cup, not sure if this is new but I just found it today.


A bit weird, we will have some kind of classification games ! after the 1st round, top 16 teams will continue in groups of 4 teams but each team only play 2 games since results from the 1st round will be counted here as well.

the same goes for bottom 16 teams but the difference is there is no more match for them after the 2nd round and they will be ranked based on all those 5 games results (3 in 1st round, 2 in second round, total 5 games for each team)


since this is expected to see all Asian and African teams eliminated in 1st round, this is important for them to lose with the lowest margin possible. this is a bit stupid to qualify for the Olympics by losing ''good" instead of winning games ! after all not a fair format at all.

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I get that IOC is pushing for more representation and whatnot, but I think they have gone over the top here.


2 individual quotas in all disciplines for North America (and British Carribeans, this doesn't even include Mexico btw)? USA and Canada will likely qualify all teams so they don't count. This leaves Bermuda as pretty much the only nation that could possibly earn them (only in jumping and maybe dressage). All remaining quotas there could already be assigned to the overall rankings...


There are also some very generous team quotas, like 2 team places for Group C in jumping. Countries like Hungary and Slovakia suddenly have a serious chance to challenge for team quotas. Same goes for Group G since Japan is already qualified.


Eventing has 7 quotas at the World Championships + 1 more for Groups F/G. If AUS and NZL finish in top 7, who will challenge for this additional quota? India or South Africa?

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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