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Summer Olympic Games 2020 Qualification Systems

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9 minutes ago, AlFHg said:


I guess/hope that they were not already published as a sort of "respect" towards athletes that were competing at Pyeongchang


FEI already published its systems in December. Subject to IOC approval, but that's a formality I believe.

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18 hours ago, AlFHg said:

As I think, in a few our attention will shift towards summer sports, and qualification period for almost every sport is about to begin. (Or, at least, we're going to know soon about qualification criteria). 


With this topic, I would like to create a list of links to other topic in the forum so that anybody can reach information about qualification criteria, quota distribution, qualifying events and so on. 


Please excuse me if this topic was already existing, but I didn't find anything similar. 


Obviously, it is going to be impossible to keep it up to date alone, (plus, I'm not granting I can be really active on the forum), so I'm asking admins/mods to update it when news are available :)


We are going to have one dedicated thread for the Olympic qualification of each sport anyway :yes


We can keep this thread as a general overview anyway.

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