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Sprint Canoeing ICF World Championships 2019

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I am not counting the +1 quota for Sweden, because it won't be official until Spain decides which quota is the one they don't want.   Athlete quotas   15 quotas    

I have a dream, just not stop to kick the ass of the person responsible of removing the K4-1000 from the Olympic program

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Women's K1 500m - :RUS :SWE :FRA :NZL :SRB :BLR :HUN :DEN :GBR 


Women's C2 500m - :JPN :UKR :UZB :CUB :CHN :HUN :BLR :CHI :GER 


Men's K2 1000m - :HUN :AUS :LTU :ITA :CZE :GER :FRA :ESP :RUS 


Men's C1 1000m - :POL :BLR :CUB :BRA :GER :CHN :CZE :FRA :ITA 


Men's C1 200m - :ITA :POR :GEO :HUN :LTU :BLR :ESP :POL :IRI 


Women's C2 200m - :COL :BLR :HUN :UZB :CHN :RUS :MDA :UKR :INA 


Men's K2 200m - :CZE :GER :FRA :POL :HUN :RUS :ESP :UKR :URU 


Men's C4 500m - :CZE :BLR :HUN :RUS :POL :UKR :ROU :GER :ESP 

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51 minutes ago, Vektor said:



Do you know how the host quota works? Is it just a guaranteed quota in the discipline that gets reallocated if Japan wins a quota in that discipline (like 4 years ago), or is it a guaranteed +1 athlete quota for Japan in K1 even if they win 4 athlete quotas in K4? 


I think Japan keeps its quota unless it qualified in one of those four events. This is different than 2016 where any qualification would cause the removal of the athlete quota from that boat type.

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