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Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

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I wish someone canceled you already.

Talking about mascottes, here on my table are the two mascottes for the Olympic Games I have worked for:     Let's see if Tokyo 2020 mascotte will join the collection

Ah, the Olympics will as good as certainly go ahead. Now, all aboard the 'Paralympics will be cancelled' train, choo choo!

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I like the font of "A", but the overall feeling is kinda boring. "B" has a reminiscent feel of other logos, but could work. Good concept on "C", but the execution... no bueno. The last option is probably my favourite, although I'm not really sure about that font.

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I think my biggest problem is with the descriptions of these logos. I mean, come on, the logo that gets chosen will eventually mean "Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics" and that's it. Apart from a few cultural hippies absolutely nobody will think "wow, this logo makes me think about the years of training athletes undergo in order to realize their dreams of going further, faster and being stronger at the Olympics, showcasing themselves to the entire world in a combination of historical and cultural wonder of the country that organizes the Olympics."

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