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Summer Olympic Games 2020 News


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1 minute ago, DaniSRB said:

I meant on previous speculations in this thread......:d

it was just speculation. :d


IOC have indicated several times that vaccination will be recommended, but certainly not mandatory,


and anyway only a small percentage of athletes will be able to be vaccinated due to different vaccination policies in different countries. In Slovakia for instance, athletes will probably be able to be vaccinated only in the last 4th vacination wave. Right now we are in the 2nd vaccination wave

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5 hours ago, DaniSRB said:

And what if athlete doesn't want to vaccinate? This is violation of human rights

Looking at it now, not every country can go and vaccinate every athlete,so i'll guess and say it will not be mandatory for the games

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On 31/01/2021 at 15:53, hckošice said:

So we know the athletes will have to pass a test 72 hours before departure to the Games, then another after arrivel and another one every fourth day. They will not be able to leave the athletes village only for attending their competition and trainings.



John Coates, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), revealed first informationsof the new Tokyo Rulebook.


For the Japanese and the IOC itself, organizing the event is a big challenge. "Athletes will have to take a coronavirus test no later than 72 hours before leaving for Tokyo. They will be tested after arrival and then every four days if the results are negative," Coates told Sky News Australia.


Athletes and their teams are already used to regular testing. Another solution to limit the spread of coronavirus will be to create a so-called "bubble" in the olympic village. "Participants will be closed and their movement will be limited to the Olympic Village and transport to the competition and training venue. There will be a total ban on leaving the Olympic Village," added the 70-year-old native of Sydney, Australia.


Coates admitted that a final decision regarding the presence of fans in Tokyo has still not been made. "About the spectators at the stadiums during the Olympics should be decided in March or April. We should decide on this as soon as possible. However, it cannot be ruled out that the Olympics will be without foreign spectators," Coates added.


If there are no complications, this year's Tokyo Olympics should start on July 23 and last until August 8.

and the first 33 pages rulebook is on. basically what we already knew, mask wearing, testing every fourth day, and ban of leaving the Athlete village for other reason than transport to training and competition.

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