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Summer Olympic Games 2020 News

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today is just about YES or NO for those sports...all details will be decided later...


but we already discussed about the numbers they're targeting...




to me, something like that doesn't make any sense...even for the other disciplines, not only Baseball and Softball


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I wish someone canceled you already.

Talking about mascottes, here on my table are the two mascottes for the Olympic Games I have worked for:     Let's see if Tokyo 2020 mascotte will join the collection

Ah, the Olympics will as good as certainly go ahead. Now, all aboard the 'Paralympics will be cancelled' train, choo choo!

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1 minute ago, DaniSRB said:

Can day vote NO for all those sports? :d

Basically each and every IOC member just does what the bosses want, so no way they'll vote no :p 


You should have seen the Agenda 2020 Session, literally every of the 40 or so proposals had 100% "YES" :lol:

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While we're listening these ancient skeletons talk, let's have a little poll :d 


Which sports do you think will be added to Tokyo 2020? 


I'm going for all five proposed sports, unfortunately. 

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1 minute ago, carivan said:

They are recommending all baseball leagues to stop for all 17 days. LOL. Never gonna happen.

MLB bosses when they hear that recommendation:






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