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Figure Skating 2019 - 2020 Discussion Thread

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On another event, :MEX Andrea MONTESINOS just finished in 5th position U.S. Classic, Mexico's best result ever at a Senior level figure skating competition :champion: 


In addition she'll most likely earn points for the season's ranking, outside World Champs or 4 Continents, another first for the country :thumbup:

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Vinny Dispenza, another coach at the AdventHealth Center Ice rink, allegedly offered the girl and another underage girl, whose family could not be reached for comment, a deal: message Cipres asking him to send the photos to the girls in exchange for a pizza from Dispenza.


What. I'm trying to read this sentence correctly, but basically Dispenza wanted dick pics from Ciprés, didn't want to ask that by himself and so asked two underage girls to ask that from Ciprés in exchange for a pizza? Dude.


* all of this is alleged, of course, not proven or anything

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Alina Zagitova has suspended her season indefinitely. Apparently the reason is a lack of motivation. At age of 17? Right. It probably has more to do with her shape. Her jumps were completely off during the Grand Prix season...


One has to wonder what do those Russian coaches do to their girls? Since apparently they all burn out after two seasons (Sotnikova, Pogorilaya, Medvedeva, Sotskova, and now Zagitova).

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All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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Decent showing for Andrea Montesinos, although she completely missed an element in her short program, and crumbled after the first segment of her free. Still she is improving slowly and has secured a spot in Junior Worlds.


Meanwhile, Donovan Carrillo skated a clean short program which earned him a PB in the segment; he should be looking to add a quad next season if he wants to have a chance to be in Beijing 2022. Unfortunately for him, he didn't skate a great free program, with some errors, which in the end cost him qualification for World Championships by just .20 points, which I'm sure he would have been given have he skated for Japan, Russia or USA.

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