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Archery at the European Games 2019


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  • 2 weeks later...
Just now, Benolympique said:

for Olympic quotas is the same tournament? or will there be an Olympic qualifying tournament? Go France !!!

It's the same tournament. In mixed team all NOC, expect Great Britain, are eligible for the Olympic Quota

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So the British athletes start OK in archery:
Men's Recurve - Huston 11th, Hall 17th, Wise 24th

Women's Compound - Mason 12th (not great)


1 hour ago, dcro said:

Competitions have started... Is this event even being broadcasted? :facepalm:

Here it is on BT Sport, currently the Basketball is on BT Sport Extra 1HD

As now we come across the world
To share these Games of old
Let all the flags of every land
In brotherhood unfold

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48 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Apparently we have a female archer of a decent level now :p Thanks Mexico @mrv86




I waited patiently to see when would you thanked my country for sending one of their best :p


Joke aside, I'm happy she's competing at her best for new home, even winning a World Championships medal. Hope she helps the Dutch women to be on pair with their fellow countrymen in this discipline.

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