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Archery WA World Championships 2019

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Italy is already out in the men's compound :facepalm:


Men's Compound Team 1/8

:KOR Korea vs :TPE Taipei

:NOR Norway vs :MEX Mxico

:COL Colombia vs :ESA El Salvador

:GBR Great Britain vs :FRA France

:IND India vs :TUR Turkey

:GER Germany vs :DEN Denmark

:NED Netherlands vs :SUI Switzerland

:AUS Austria vs :SWE Sweden


Women's Compound Team 1/8

:COL Colombia vs :MEX Mexico

:TPE Taipei vs :RUS Russia

:GER Germany vs :EST Estonia

:CAN Canada vs :TUR Turkey

:IND India vs :FRA France

:ITA Italy vs :NED Netherlands

:USA United States vs MAS Malaysia

:KAZ Kazakhstan vs :KOR Korea


Mixed Compound Team 1/8

:KOR Korea vs :ESP Spain / :MEX Mexico

:IND India vs :GER Germany / :CZE Czech Republic

:USA United States vs :GBR Great Britain / :RUS Russia

:COL Colombia vs :ITA Italy / :MAS Malaysia

:NED Netherlands vs :INA Indonesia vs :CRO Croatia

:TUR Turkey vs :TPE Taipei / :LUX Luxembourg

:FRA France vs :SLO Slovenia / :BEL Belgium

:DEN Denmark vs :RSA South Africa / :NOR Norway

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Kazakistan defeated USA and Great Britain defeated Japan.. Turkey is our too :yikes: All the following team are qualified for Tokyo


Men's Team Quarterfinals

:KOR Korea vs :JPN Japan

:CHN China vs :AUS Australia

:TPE Taipei vs :IND India

:KAZ Kazakhstan vs :NED Netherlands

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