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Artistic Swimming LEN European Champions Cup 2019


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:ITA Team Italy :ITA 


Elisa Barbiani (Team)

Costanza Broglioli (Team free combination only)

Veronica Gallo (Team)
Marta Iacoacci (Team, Duo free)

Marta Murru (Team, Duo technical)

Carmen Rocchino  (Team reserve, Team free combination only)

Lucrezia Ruggiero (Team)
Aurora Savi (Team, Duo free)

Isotta Sportielli (Team)

Alice Tavio (Team reserve)

Francesca Zuino (Team, Duo technical)


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Today it's finally the day :cheer: Here the schedule and few usefull link


10th May

10:00 - Team technical

14:00 - Duo Free Preliminary

19:00- Team Highlights Routine


11st May

14:00 - Duo Technical

15:30 - Mixed Duo Technical

18:00  - Free Combination


12nd May

10:00 - Team Free

14:00 - Duo Free

15:30 - Mixed Duo Free


Livescore: Here


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Makes sense, Russia was always going to win the team quota, so might as well give your B Team some experience.


In terms of duet, given Ukraine, Spain and Italy are all likely to eventually qualify a team the Netherlands are looking good for winning the European quota (they already reached their national standard so no declining for them). I don't see Great Britain making up the gap during the technical performance...

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